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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns trailer 3

Credit to HKLOVE.ORG

Young Kenny: You can't earn money from music.
Young Bowie: No worries, I have a bright future ahead!
Bowie: You said you don't like my job, it has no prospect. Did you (sleep) with that man?
Moses: Stop pretending to be holier-than-thou. Grass-root politics? Are you trying to redeem your sins?
(Pretending to be benevolent)
Kenny: Back then Ah Ming was still alive!
Moses: He is in your stomach.
Bowie: Stop mentioning about the past. Stop lecturing me!
(Finally revealing the hostile face)
Bowie: For the past 18 years, I lived a difficult live. It's ridiculous…

The song playing in the background is Beyond's [Silent Years 歲月無聲]:

迫不得已唱下去的歌裡 還有多少心碎
Forced to sing along this song (fate) How many heartbreak ahead
可否不要往後再倒退 讓我不唏噓一句
Don't want to keep going backward Don't let me sigh out loud
白髮已滄桑 無夢再期望 
My hair has turned white I no longer has time for hopes

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