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Thursday, November 17, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns themevideo MV (full)


Lyrics and translation below:

《天與地》 Heaven & Earth

作曲:黃貫中 Composer: Paul Wong
填詞:黃貫中 Lyrics: Paul Wong
主唱:黃貫中 Performer: Paul Wong

從開始那天 跟著你一起
From the first day we are together
曾一起去飛 曾失去自己 世上什麼可相比
Together we soared
Losing ourselves
Nothing on earth can be compared

There’s sadness in the bottom of our hearts
年青的忐忑 成長的壓抑 歲月無聲堪追憶
The madness of youth
The repression of growing up
Silently becoming memories as years goes by

從開始那天 早做了打算
From the first day we made the decision
若天不眷戀 若身心耗損 帶著目標走更遠
If heaven no longer cared for us
If our body and soul grew weary
We marched further with our goals

Is there still warmth in humankind?
留低雖太短 時光可逆轉 彷似流水不會斷
Though our stay is brief
Unable to reverse time
It’s like the never ending flow of water

* 總需要 信任自己
*We have to believe in ourselves
汗血水 繪出天與地
Sweat and blood
Drawing out heaven and earth
天崩了 我們繼續挺起
If the sky is falling down
We will continue to rise up
問昨天 可想不起 *
If asked about past
We can't recall at all*

儘管錯 讓我錯到死
If this is wrong
Let me be wrong till death
別再講 大道理
Stop telling those philosophies
別要分 我或你
Stop differencing you and me
在這刻 我是你
At this moment
I am you

Download the mp3 here: CD version

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p.s. There are some verses which are quite poetic... do share with me if you feel there are better words for them.

1 comment:

Qingwa said...

At first I only want to watch this series because of Charmaine.

This story style doesn't my type.

After watching full themevideo and read synopsis that sehseh translated, wow!! my interest is increased.

Looking forword to see When Heaven Burns.

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