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Sunday, November 27, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns OST compilation

Theme song
天與地 (When Heaven Burns) by Paul Wong

Ending theme
年少无知 (Ignorance of Youth) by Bowie Lam, Moses Chan & Kenny Wong

Background music

*New* Episode 1 Female Vocal when Yan saw the dolphins: Popera
Special thanks to fungwingkim19

Episode 1 Opening scene: Baby Now by Nichole Alden

Episode 1 Wedding anniversary dinner: Little Boy Leaving by Colleen Grace

Episode 1 Yan hosting radio show: Suite Bergamasque - Clair de Lune

Episode 1 Band singing in the club (present time): Heaven by Home

Episode 1 Flashback of Ka Ming and band performing: No More Hesitation by Beyond

Episode 3 Charmaine recording tram sound: Not Looking Back by Nichole Alden

Episode 7 Bowie rearranging home furniture Tears Wellin' Up by Chris Norton, Frank Mizen, Rob Donnelly

Episode 10 Ka Ming and band jamming in studio: Social Party by Beyond

Episode 11 & 21 Ka Ming and band jamming in studio: Silent Years by Beyond

Episode 18 Ka Ming and band auditioning for music producer Cold Night Rain by Beyond

Episode 19 Ka Ming and band performing at cousin's wedding Endless Love for You by Aaron Kwok

Episode 20 Ka Ming and band practicing in band room Gray Trail by Beyond

Episode 21 Yan listening to reader's letter Looking into Distance by Beyond
This is the full song, the version in the series is guitar instrumental.

*New* Episode 30 Ben playing harmonica for Jessica Yesterday by Beatles

Ripped background music

Episode 1 - Female Vocal, ripped version (The scene where Yan saw dolphins)

Episode 3 - Female Vocal, ripped version (Insomnia Yan + random parts in episode 1)

Episode 1 - Ka Ming humming [Ignorance of Youth] on motorbike

Episode 18 - Fred Cheng (HOME) performing in pub: Crawling

Guitar instrumental - When the characters are struggling with their consciences

Download links

p.s. I do not mind sharing these mp3 and music with fans for non-profit purposes, but please do not repost the download links at other sites or forums.

Note: I will update this post from time to time, so bookmark this page if you are interested in collecting the OST and music in the series!

08.01.2012 - This is the OST listing for [When Heaven Burns], but it will depend on TVB to release the CD or not :(


Drinking Coffee Telling Story said...

Hi, In episode 7.. there is one song from beatles that Ah Yan wanted to dedicate to Gina and Hubby. May I know what is the song name?

lil.choco said...

Thank you so much for uploading and keep updating this posts. I love all of the songs from this movie.

sehseh said...

Hi Drinking Coffee... the song is called Owner of My Heart. It's not from Beatles but a track in Doo Wop album produced by Bruce Patch.

Drinking Coffee Telling Story said...

thanks for the information.

I have googled but can't seems to find it in youtube. Do u have the song?

Drinking Coffee Telling Story said...

I think this drama beats all the other drama of 2011.

If only it was nominated. This drama gives a very special feeling and it is different from the lawyer's storyline, or the police storyline or even those family storyline..

To me, this is the best drama of 2011. And Moses did a really good job in portraying his character. This drama was filled with emotions. Everyone's character has a strong presence.

The best part is every single song that grace the moments and scenes.. Superb.. ^^

terence said...

Hi, cann someone tell me the English song that Angus sang (playing guitar) in front of Emma in episode 17? Please help...

sehseh said...

Password for Popera: hazelyan

Kivian Jas said...

Really thx for your sharing

Ah Qiong said...

anyone knows the song in ep 7 where moses n bowie were talking in a bar?

sehseh said...

HI Ah Qiong, I was looking for the song using lyrics search but no result. Soundhound didn't work for me either. But yeah, it was an interesting track and hope we will know the title soon (or TVB release the OST please)

Jennie said...

Thank you for uploading this! Loved the background you have any mp3s of Ah Yan's radio broadcasts? I love the deep things she says

Rayen26 said...

Hei , in episode 23 , there is a song that Ah Yan and her friend was drinking wine in a pup and talking about Sam . The song was play before the song "Not Looking Back".

Unknown said...

thank you so much , your hardwork made my day. I keep looping the OST

Unknown said...

Hi, in episode 12 somewhere around 31 minutes into the show, where all 4 of them were in a bar sitting down talking to Angus (Moses) bout his relationship issue.

In the background music of that bar, there's an english song playing there. Does anyone know the artist/title of the song?

YingYing said...

Hi, I want to know the background music of episode one, the moment Charmaine lying on the grass, resting and wake up looking at the sky. (during video runtime around 16mins:18secs)

sushiroll said...

Does anyone know in Episode 20, where Bowie was in the taxi, he saw Charmaine's car, but it was her friend driving, does anyone know or have the song of the female instrumental song? Its a humming song "hoooo hooo hooo ooohh oooh oooh".

elise said...

thank u very much for sharing, i m also the fan of this series>3<,but i want to ask why dun have the"owner of my heart"?i really want to listen,but can't find it:(

sehseh said...

@YingYing That's an untitled track, we'll never get to know unless TVB released the OST. However, it's safe to say that Noella Choi arranges the vocal music for this series, so it might be performed by her.

@Rayen, if you refer to the song in the beginning of ep 23, it's Baby Now by Nichole Alden. You can find the track in post above.

@Unknown, it's Baby Now by Nichole Alden.

@Sushiroll, another untitled track.

@Elise, there's no single download, even in iTunes. No reason for me to purchase the entire CD (Doo Wop album produced by Bruce Patch)for this track only.

Shneep said...

Hi, I'm looking for the song that they hum every time I think it's called 年少無知 but I'd like the version WITHOUT the singing and JUST the music. Please revert. It's so awesome. Thanks for uploading all these though. I think When Heaven Burns is just awesome!

Grea1ne316 said...

Can you upload the instrumental version of the ending song? Thanks.

kuma said...

i love all songs in this film...thanks for sharing!

wongkey said...


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