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Sunday, November 13, 2011

[TVB Weekly Issue 751] When Heaven Burns - The struggle for humanity begins at cannibalism

Unforgettable love in the past

Charmaine Sheh as Yip Zhi Yan/Hazel/Yan - Angel Chiang as young Yan

Personality: Unafraid of criticism, walk the talk

Background: Yan came from a broken family. Lacking in family love, she placed heavy importance in friendship. When she was 17 years old, she got acquainted with Sung Chi Long, Lau Jun Hung, Cheng Jing Hin and boyfriend Hui Ka Ming (Stanley Cheung). She helped them to set up a rock band. Unfortunately, during a mountain climbing trip they were trapped by snow, resulting in Ka Ming's death. Yan angrily blamed them for not taking care of Ka Ming, and has since parted ways. Later, though Yan married chef boyfriend Bowman (Ben Wong), she still has extra-marital affairs. Yan re-encountered Chi Long, Jun Hung and Jing Hin and the four of them attempted to rebuild their friendship. At this time, Yan discovered the shocking truth about Ka Ming's death…

Manipulative and deceitful

Moses Chan as Sung Chi Long/Hak Zai /Angus – Young version by Yeung Chiu Hoi

Personality: Low self-esteem yet egoistical, believes that there’s another side behind a bad person

Background: The young Yan (Angel Chiang) recommended her boyfriend Ka Ming to be the lead vocal in their rock band. During a mountaineering trip by the four boys, the three of them killed the injured Ka Ming and ate him in order to survive. After being rescued, they mutually agreed to keep it a secret and has not meet each other ever since. They re-encountered each other after 17 years. Unbeknownst, Chi Long has always keep track on Yan's condition for years. At the same time, Moses dated both rich heiress Yung Cheuk Tong (Maggie Shiu) and personal assistant Lam Pui Ling (Queenie Chu) in order to get himself out of financial difficulties. Only Cheuk Tong elder sister Cheuk Wah (Elaine Kam) saw through his real intention. However, Cheuk Tong was helplessly in love with Chi Long, which increased the animosity and power struggle between them at the company.

The Union Leader

Bowie Lam as Lau Jun Hung/Gu Lou/Joe – Moon Law as young Jun Hung

Personality: Forthright and passionate, major change in personality after experiencing repeated failures

Background: During his youth, Jun Hung treated his bandmates like blood siblings; hence he felt enormous guilt on Ka Ming's death. He drifted away from his bandmates and music, and started a new life by marrying girlfriend Ma Wing Yee (Astrid Chan). Jun Hung originally meant to become a chartered accountant, but after acquainting with Union rights worker Kong Yew Chuen (Lau Dan), he quit his accountant job and joined Union rights association to defend the labourers.

Jun Hung was nominated by Yew Chuen to run for political office, but lost after being slandered by his rival. In addition, the truth about the murder and cannibalism was exposed. Though Jun Hung was not sentenced to jail due to insufficient evidence, he became antagonistic and used underhanded methods to approach Cheuk Wah who dislikes Chi Long, in his quest for success.

Losing eyesight

Kenny Wong as Cheng Zhen Hin / Ronnie – Kelvin Leung as young Jing Hin

Personality: Positive and upright, place emphasis on friendship and family

Background: During mountain climbing with good friends, Jing Hin contracted high fever on the snowy mountains. In his delusional state, he went along with the murder and ate his friend. He continues to be seriously ill after being rescued back to Hong Kong. After regaining consciousness, he could only remembered the happy memories on the mountain. He felt saddened due to Ka Ming's death and could only watch helplessly as his friends drifted apart. He later immigrated and concentrated on his career as an actuary. Jing Hin has been married to Yeung Suet Mei (Angela Tong) for many years and they have a pair of daughter and son. However, the happy life didn't last long as doctor diagnosed that Jing Hin is suffering from gradual blindness and will go completely blind in 10 years. In order to get accustomed to his life as blind person, Jing Hin returned to HK along with his family and became a full time house husband. He re-encountered his old friends and tried many ways to reconcile their friendship. He also discovered the shocking truth of what happened on the snowy mountain back then….

(Note: Since the official website is out, I will translate the longer character description and summary instead in another post. I will not be translating the rest of the article to avoid repeating the translation)

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