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Thursday, November 03, 2011

TVB Sales Presentation Booklet 2012 - [4 in Love]

Title: 4 in Love (Let It Be Love)

Cast: Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Kenny Wong, King Kong, Rachel Kan, Wai Ka Hung, Elvina Kong, Tracy Ip, Lau Dan, Mary Hon, Stephen Huynh, Patrick Dunn.

In the current overpopulated 21st century, the communication technology has advanced rapidly yet the distance between people has grown further apart. However, according to the social theory of "Six degrees of separation", the distance between people isn't as far as we imagined.

A short admin worker falls in love with a 42-inch long legged beauty. Their relationship meets obstacles due to their incompatible looks. Their only lacked 5 inch in distance...

The prince of sportscaster who always end up falling for other people's women. Their distance is the timing and fate...

The wealthy playboy can easily make other women undress for him. It's no mystery why none of them can sustain his interest. The distance between wealthy playboy and true love is the conflicting perspective in moral...

Lastly, the distance between an Asian superstar romancing a Mongkok electrical shop guy is like heaven and earth...


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Added TVB Mag scans, credit to Chocong from KuangaiTVB BBS:

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