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Monday, November 21, 2011

Charmaine Sheh celebrates mother's birthday and did not watch TVB anniversary

[Mingpao 21/11/2011]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan attended the promotional event for [When Heaven Burns]; their series which has been warehoused for two years. Charmaine is currently filming in Mainland China rushed back to Hong Kong to attend the event. As she is no longer TVB contracted artiste, she is not required to participate in TVB anniversary gala. Therefore, she was able to celebrate her mother’s 60th birthday. "The first time I didn't need to participate in anniversary gala, no need to rush for hair and makeup, it feels different. As I'm celebrating my mother’s birthday, I did not watch the show."

Allocating schedule for [WAB2]

Charmaine was nominated in Best Actress Award for her role in [My Sister of Eternal Flower]. She will be returning to Hong Kong on Dec 6th as one of Toby Leung's bridesmaids, but she will not be attending TVB anniversary award the day before. She believes that TVB would not be petty over this, as Toby has already approached her for more than half year ago. Regarding the rumours that Myolie Wu has been internally decided to be the next TV Queen, Charmaine says: "I don't think there's such thing. I also won't be commenting whom I'm supporting because I do not wish to offend other people." She revealed that she is trying her best in allocating schedule to film [War & Beauty 2] in February next year.

Bowie Lam expressed that producer Jonathan Chik has called and invited him to take part in [WAB2]. "I hope I can participate in the series. However my schedules are packed, so I'm unable to confirm at the moment." Regarding to the rumours that [WHB] was scheduled to air after TVB anniversary to prevent Bowie and Charmaine to win awards, he replied: "Charmaine and I will not be fighting for any awards. To me, [WHB] is more than qualified for anniversary series. I hope that the ratings can prove it."

During anniversary gala last evening, Moses nearly mistook Kate Tsui's ear as Aimee Chan's. He even inadvertently caused Aimee to lose the grand prize in lucky draw segment. He will compensate to her by giving a huge Christmas gift. Regarding the rumors that Michael Tse is internally decided to be TV King, Moses laughed: "I don't know, I've been sitting on the bench for so many years. The most important thing is that the series is enjoyable!" As for the allegation that [WHB] reflects the band Beyond, Moses expressed that they are not related.

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