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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Charmaine Sheh responds to reconciliation rumor: We have always been friends

[Oriental Daily 24/09/2011]

Past rumored couple Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng is recently rumored to have rekindled their relationship. Earlier, both of them openly left messages in weibo and encouraged each other. This resulted in hot discussion among the netizens that they have reconciled. Yesterday during interview, Charmaine as usual denied that they have reconciled, but admitted that she and Kevin have always been friends.

Charmaine and Kevin's rumors were once the hottest topic in town. In their previous public event, they appeared to be close and were rumored to have reconciled. However, they were preoccupied with their own jobs later and Charmaine went to Mainland China to earn money, reducing the attention on this rumor. However, they recently started to leave messages in weibo and become the hot discussion topic among netizens again.

Encouraging each other

On the 20th this month, Charmaine posted a picture of herself eating spicy steamboat in Beijing; saying "Getting ready for a challenge." Kevin then left a message asking: "Is it delicious?" and Charmaine replied: "Not too bad". Both of them used the same emoticons. Their actions online attracted the eagle-eyed netizens. Some netizen were suspected to pretend as Kevin and left message asking Charmaine to take care of her health and diet. However, the latter message did not appear in Charmaine and Kevin’s microblog wall.

Apart from interacting through the steamboat post, Charmaine and Kevin previously have encouraged each other. On the 15th, Kevin received praises for his acting in [Bu Bu Jing Xin] and he reposted the link in his weibo. Charmaine left a message saying: "Add oil!" accompanied with a winking emoticon. Kevin did not forget to thank her: "Thank u, you too."

Enjoying shopping spree

Perhaps due to the positive happenings, Charmaine, who is busy filming Mainland China series, looked elated in her shopping spree with her assistant in Causeway Bay prior to that. She bought a lot of things and after noticing the presence of reporters, she smiled and allowed them to take pictures. While Charmaine placed her shopping bags into her car boot, some fans recognized her and she readily agreed to take pictures with them. Afterward, she drove away.

Yesterday, Charmaine who is currently filming in Inner Mongolia denied when asked if they have reconciled. "I don't always greet him (Kevin) in weibo, only twice. Actually we have always been friends. There's no need to speculate, thank you for everyone's concern." As for Kevin, he did not respond to this issue.

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Can't help but laugh at this 'news'. Not much hot topic in Hong Kong entertainment news I guess. Media and fans doesn't need to be oversensitive, Charmaine regularly replied other friends in weibo also. Does that means she is dating them too? Hahahaha....

p.s. D-mop is Charmaine's favorite fashion store :)

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