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Sunday, June 05, 2011

[Love is the Only Answer] teaser 1

Warning: Contained some mature content

Source: [Love is the Only Answer] official weibo.


(Snippets from movie [Marriage with a Liar])

Continuing from the sizzling [Marriage with a Liar]

Patrick Kong movie of the year

Extreme topic of love

Charmaine: You got nothing better to do? You said you are going to introduce guys to me but you actually brought me to a wife swapping club?!

Alex: Nowadays a lot of couples go out to play together. It's better than solo because its more fair and open. What if the guy likes to take pictures when you are asleep? Or the girl changes your will after you're dead? That's worse. There's a saying that 'wives are like clothes, should change to feel better'.

Charmaine: They all have wives!

Alex: Well you have a husband too.

Charmaine: Nonsense! We are divorced!

[Love is the Only Answer]

This summer, the temptation of another's wife

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