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Friday, June 03, 2011

Kevin Cheng mentions Charmaine Sheh @ Elaine Cha radio interview


Elaine: A few days ago you and Charmaine attended a watch event. Whoa, the venue was packed with reporters! It created such a scene. Actually, what is your current relationship status with Charmaine?

Kevin: Good friends. Actually Charmaine is a very easy going girl. In many areas, she have very good analytical capability.

Elaine: Yes, she is very smart.

Kevin: She is extremely smart. In a lot of things, when we chat... Actually when I have problems, I often think of whom should I seek opinions from, and I will thought of her. Such as how should I handle this issue etc. And I like chatting with smart people.

Elaine: She manage to help you every time?

Kevin: She has her own analysis. There's different perspective in analyzing different issues. Sometimes, I have such opinions and she (offers) different opinions. When I am really troubled, I feel that she is a good person to chat with.

Elaine: What topics do you often seek opinions from Charmaine? Career? Interpersonal relationship? Or romance?

Kevin: I feel that she handles interpersonal relationship way better than I do.

Elaine: Therefore everytime you have difficulties in interpersonal relationship, you will look for Charmaine?

Kevin: I will ask her opinions. But don't say everytime... just that sometimes coincidentally when we are chatting. Earlier, she met some (problems)...

Elaine: Being accused of being 3rd party out of the blue?

Kevin: Yes, and we discussed our opinions on that matter. Actually, we feel quite helpless. The media nowadays, they frequently make false accusations. Their attitude was like; "Well you can sue me", or "I'll publish a very small apology, but for now I want to sell my magazines first." They don't care. If it's the truth, then go ahead and write about it. But if you know such allegations can be damaging and you went ahead falsifying it, you never considered how much damage you can inflict on the artiste.

Elaine: That's why you have to quickly make an official statement.

Kevin: Even if you immediately make an official statement, some people might have believed the rumors already. That's the worst part.

Elaine: That's the sad thing.

Kevin: Can't they just report the truth? I feel what they are doing now is no longer journalism, more like fiction writer. Those are not the behaviour of a reporter.

Elaine: Mentioning about that case, did Charmaine look for you to discuss, or you took initiative to comfort her?

Kevin: Well we did chat (from time to time). I don't remember much. I sent an sms first.

Elaine: When you attended event together, the reports said that you looked awkward, while Charmaine is friendly etc.

Kevin: There's no awkwardness. But they (reporters) have to write about something.

Elaine: Yeah, I am now chatting with Kevin about Charmaine and he is not awkward at all.

Kevin: I understand their position, they have to write about something. What else can they write? "Everyone was amicable, hahaha..." (laughs)

Elaine: That wouldn't be interesting.

Kevin: No one would be interested (to read).

Elaine: If the company (TVB) arrange for you to film series with Charmaine again, what will you do?

Kevin: I will happily accept. I feel that she is an extremely good onscreen partner. In my opinion, she is rightfully without doubt the No. 1 (actress) in TVB.

Elaine: But she is now expanding her career up north (Mainland China).

Kevin: It's a good thing. Everyone want to expand their market, Mainland China market is very huge. Once you enter the market successfully, there will be never-ending job offers.

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