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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Charmaine Sheh portrays self-sabotaging superstar in [4 in Love]

[Takungpao, Singpao, Mingpao, Wenweipo 04/06/2011]

Yesterday, TVB new series [4 in Love] held its costume tryout at TVB city. Cast members include Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Tracy Yip, King Kong, Kenny Wong etc. Recent report alleged that due to the average ratings for [My Sister of Eternal Flower], Charmaine quickly accepted filming [4 in Love] in bid to win TV Queen award. Charmaine frankly said she has not thought about it, just that the weather in Mainland China is too hot. Therefore, she won't be filming in Mainland China at the moment.

In the series, Charmaine portrays a superstar in love with 'MK' guy Moses Chan who repairs electrical goods in Mongkok. Charmaine expressed that her character in the series wished to retire but her company keeps giving her more jobs. Hence, she resorts to self sabotage by creating rumors. Will she consider dating an average Joe in real life? Charmaine said that love knows no boundaries and can be quite simple. As long as you love someone, you won't mind whether he has money or not.

Regarding the rumors of accepting TVB series in bid to win TV Queen award, Charmaine replied: "I haven't thought much about it. The weather in these few months is too hot; therefore I don't want to film series in Mainland China at the moment. In addition, I only accepted this series because it is produced by Jonathan Chik Kei Yi. The past series produced by Jonathan were rather solemn, but this time it's a comedy. Plus the cast and production crew are familiar with each other, it will be a happy collaboration." She also indicates that this series won't be aired in time for TVB anniversary award anyway.

Mentioning rumored ex-flame Kevin Cheng revealing his butt crack in [Ghetto Justice] which garnered high ratings of 31 points, Charmaine admitted that she watched the series, but did not notice the butt scene. Asked if she will rewatch online, Charmaine laughed and said that she won't. Earlier, it was reported that TVB has intention to create buzz by having Charmaine, Kevin and Niki Chow attend their upcoming Special Promotion event. Charmaine indicate that she would not be attending the event due to work obligations.

Collaborating with Charmaine again, Moses was asked if they will have any passionate scenes in the series. Moses expressed that the series will parody the stories in entertainment circle, for example working with media to create rumors and some sensitive topics. He is unafraid of rumors and hopes to create more sparks with Charmaine in the series.

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