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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Charmaine Sheh gets bruises all over from filming with Him Law

[Oriental Daily 14/06/2011]

Charmaine Sheh and Alex Fong portrayed husband and wife in the new movie [Love is the Only Answer]. The movie is considered quite sensitive at it involves the topic of wife swapping. In the movie, Charmaine have intimate scenes with Alex and Him Law. She joked that the most unforgettable scene is the scene where she make out with Him in a car: "We couldn't switch on the air-conditioning and the space in the car was small. Plus, Him is quite bulky so I end up getting bruises."

Did Him bumped into sensitive areas? "Definitely will have accidental bumps but there's no sensitive areas involved. But the lips are considered sensitive too." Charmaine indicate that her character in the movie loves Alex Fong so much that she is willing to sacrifice and accept wife swapping for him. Asked if she is similarly devoted in love in true life, Charmaine said: "Yes I am, but I cannot accept if he raises his hands on me. I've never experienced it though." Alex who was standing at her side suddenly asked: "Did he ever have affairs?" Charmaine quickly answered: "No, I don’t know."

Alex expressed that losing temper is a girl's privilege. He stressed that he once waited on the street for two hours for his girlfriend in the past. He was almost arrested for loitering around. "No choice; one have to be patient when you are dating." Asked if Stephy Tang is 'intolerable', Alex replied: "As a friend, she is not intolerable."

To avoid speaking about his girlfriend Stephy, Alex diverted the topic back to Charmaine. Charmaine admitted that she sometimes can be unreasonable, for example when she is in a bad mood or too stressed from work.

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