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Friday, March 25, 2011

Huayi Brothers discussing a series of projects with Charmaine Sheh

[Ent.163 24/3/2011]

HK Filmart (annual television fair) was held from March 21st to 24th. Tianyi TV, who previously produced popular works such as [Soldiers Sortie], [Soldiers and Their Commander] exhibited their upcoming grand production for year 2011.

During interview with Ent.163, Tianyi TV CEO Mr Wuyi announced that they will be investing in a grand production series titled [Cao Cao] in September. Actor Sun Hong Lei is casted as the male lead and will be portraying new version for Cao Cao. Mr Wuyi also revealed that they are currently liaising with Charmaine Sheh, and if the contract discussion is successful, Charmaine will be portraying major characters in [If You Are the One] and [Model].

[IYATO] Charmaine portraying Liang Xiao Xiao

Due the popularity of movie [IYATO], the television version received a lot of attention even before filming begins. Previously there were countless rumors of the leading actress casted; including Yao Chen and Kitty Zhang. At this, Mr Wuyi hinted: "Maybe one of them, or none at all. In addition, we are in final discussion with Charmaine Sheh. If she participates in the drama, she will be casted as a major character." As for the leading male character 'Qin Fen' (portrayed by Ge You in movie version), Mr Wuyi said tentatively they are casting Huang Bo, but it's not finalized yet.

As the movie version of [IYATO] was immensely popular, how are they going to create new innovation? Mr Wuyi said: "The series share the same framework of [IYATO], using matchmaking as plot point and exploring the modern views in marriage. However, only the temperament of the original work and main characters Qin Fen and Liang Xiao Xiao are unaltered. We will make changes to the rest of the story. In addition, the series investigate the current social dilemma, and also crossroads between single hood and married life."

[Model]: Unearthing Charmaine Sheh's hidden potential in modern series

There will be another upcoming series with modeling career as background. There's a chance that Charmaine will be starring as the leading actress in [Model]; a motivational series revolving around the journey of growing up for the fashion savvy. Mr Wuyi said: "The series is about the story between a prodigal and Cinderella. The Cinderella Charmaine doesn't lose her femininity despite her successful career, and helped the prodigal to redeem himself and become the No. 1 in modeling industry."

In Mr Wuyi's opinion, this character can unearth Charmaine's potential in modern series. "Charmaine is a very outstanding actress, but in the recent years her acclaimed works belong in the costume series category. I feel that this character resemble her chic personality. I will to unearth this side of her through this series."

In the recent years, Charmaine's works secured her position as TVB Dongka Fadan. This April, Charmaine's contract with TVB will expire and there were rumors saying that she does not wish to renew her contract and move elsewhere. There were also rumors indicating that Mainland China production company offered her a two year contract worth HKD15 million. At this, Mr. Wuyi expressed: "I'm unclear about this, therefore I won't be commenting. However I must say that we are discussing a series of projects – they (Charmaine & manager) are looking for growing space, while I feel that she is an extremely good choice. I feel that coming to Mainland China will be a good opportunity and turning point for her."

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Insider news (莉莉玛莲 from KuangaiTVB) says that Charmaine will not be filming [IYATO], but another modern series with Tianyi in Sept. The script is being written, and from the news above it might be [Model]. They also set their eyes on a Taiwanese actor. Of course, Sept is still far away - we will wait for Charmaine's announcement in due time.

About [IYATO], Mr Wuyi hinted that they want Charmaine to portray another major character (not Liang Xiao Xiao), it may be pure publicity from Tianyi, or they are trying to introduce Charmaine first through [IYATO].

Tianyi TV is financed by Huayi Brothers, one the the most established media company in Mainland China, so this is a great opportunity for Charmaine to explore the Mainland China market without stereotyping herself in to ex-TVB-actress-acts-in-costume-series-only mold.

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