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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Charmaine Sheh decided to leave and changes contract to per series filming with TVB

[Mingpao 05/03/2011]

TVB Dongka Fadan number is dwindling over the years, and their current '1st Sister' Charmaine Sheh is going to venture outside after her management contract expires. She will be signing per series contract instead and no longer TVB's biological daughter. Seeing that Charmaine has grown enough to make her own decision, TVB have no choice but to accept her decision to leave. As Charmaine still have sentimental feelings toward her maternal home, she agrees to film TVB series via per series contract.

Accordingly, Charmaine will be publicly announcing her decision to the media during a jewelry event later today. As there are more opportunities in Mainland China, she will be signing with a Mainland China agency with fees exceeding HKD10 million. However, she shows loyalty to her maternal home by agreeing to film via 'per series contract'. Many have already expected Charmaine to leave, speculating her disappointment of losing TV Queen Award to Sheren Tang as the influencing factor, despite her status as TVB top earning actress. However, Charmaine's main motivation to leave is due to Mainland China market being able to offer a huge variety of co-stars and space for career development, in addition of the higher filming fees. Therefore, she decides to take this opportunity while she is still in her prime.

Regarding Charmaine's decision to leave, TVB executive Virginia Lok expressed that they will support Charmaine's decision. They believe that Charmaine will always regard TVB as her maternal home and maintain a happy collaboration.

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Sehseh: Support Charmaine 200%!

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