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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Charmaine Sheh considering the drama version of [If You Are the One]

Exclusive revelation from Tianyi TV: Waiting for contract to be signed

[Nanfang Daily 22/3/2011]

The management contract of TVB Dongka Fadan Charmaine Sheh is rumored to be expiring in April this year. There were rumors of Mainland China production companies offering ten million to attract her. Yesterday, the CEO of Tianyi TV Mr Wu Yi exclusively revealed to Nanfang Daily that they are interested in inviting Charmaine to star as lead actress in their grand production series [If You Are the One]. They are currently at final stage of contract negotiation. He expressed: "Firstly, we have sincerity, secondly she is willing. However we have not officially signed the contract yet." The reporter attempted to contact Charmaine to verify, however her manager has not responded at the moment.

Since the production of [IYATO] was announced, there were several versions of rumors about the cast. Tianyi TV expressed that they have just discussed with Charmaine's manager last week, and the negotiations have reached the final stage. They are now preparing the finalized contract. Mr Wuyi expressed: "Not only this, we have another modern series [Model] that might be filmed in May. We have also invited Charmaine to be the first leading actress in this series." Did Tianyi proposed a lucrative offer? Mr Wuyi refused to reveal Charmaine's filming fees, saying: "Her fee in Mainland market is not bad! However, can't say that we offer an incredulous amount. This is a two way communication. They (Charmaine & manager) are looking for bigger space, while we feel that she is a great choice."

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Update: The reporter made a mistake, Charmaine will not be filming [IYATO] but another series produced by Tianyi TV. Filming will start in September. Source: 莉莉玛莲 from KuangaiTVB BBS.

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