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Friday, November 12, 2010

Vote for Charmaine @ TVB 43rd Anniversary Award

Yes, it's that time of the year again - TVB Anniversary Award! This is the most important award in TVB annual calendar. Voting starts today and will close on midnight Nov 28th.

Before I start with the step-by-step voting guide, I'd like to remind fans to register a (if you doesn't have one). Please use a valid email account as you will need to activate your account sent by TVB.

To register, go here. You can only start voting after you verify and update your TVB account via email.

Each TVB account can only vote ONCE. Please read the instructions below thoroughly.

1. Go to voting page here:

2. There are 12 award category and you will need to vote for one person/show in every category. The first category is Best Actor Award.

3. If you have not login yet, you will be prompted to do so:

4. After login, you can vote for the Best Actor of your choice.

5. To confirm your vote, click on the lower right button as shown:

6. Next is Best Actress category, and Charmaine is nominated! Vote for her by clicking on her picture:

Click on confirm button (as per step 5)

7. Next is Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Favorite Male Character Award. Vote as usual.

8. Charmaine is nominated in Favorite Female Character Award:

8. After voting Charmaine, proceed the other categories as usual.

9. [Can't Buy Me Love] is nominated in Best Series Award

10. In the last (12th) category is TVB Blog Popularity Award. Charmaine is nominated:

11. You will also be asked of a simple question. Please select the answer as shown below:

Also, remember to tick the 'Agreement' button below.

12. The page will load showing all the votes you have chosen. Please ensure that all four of these appear in your votes:

13. If the details is correct, click 'Confirm' button as shown. If you wanted to change your votes, click 'Edit' and repeat the process above again:

14. A 'Thank You' page will be shown, indicating that your vote is successful.

There you go, you have voted for Charmaine! No matter how the results turn out to be, the most important things is that we show our love and support to Charmaine. Show TVB the power of Charmaine fans!

p.s. If you have encountered problem/issues during voting, please screencap it otherwise I have no idea how to assist you. Thanks for reading the post!

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