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Monday, November 08, 2010

Charmaine Sheh and Bowie Lam appeared in Xinhui to meet fans

[Source: Jiangmen Daily, Charmaine Baidu Forum]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh and Bowie Lam appeared in Qiao Xiang (Xinhui) for a new shopping mall opening. The popular Hong Kong stars interacted closely with fans at the fully packed venue.

Apart from her smoky eyes, Charmaine only applied light make up. While her face might look wide and a little chubby onscreen, she is actually a small-faced beauty. She wore a black top with tights, showing her slim figure. As for Bowie, he wore a black trench coat. His humorous attitude makes him very approachable. He built up the atmosphere with his jokes and attracted even more people to the venue.

Onstage, Bowie performed a Cantonese song while Charmaine and the emcee played lucky draws with the crowd and created more buzz. Seeing the crowd so excited, 'Inspector Yiu' Bowie doesn’t forget to analyze the crowd and thanked them for supporting his series [EMYM].

With their series just finished airing, both Charmaine and Bowie are currently enjoying their break. "We are now resting for a while before filming new series," said Charmaine.

Venturing in TVB for over 10 years, Charmaine was known for high productivity with amassed 770 episodes of series. She is without doubt the role model in TV world. She said: "I did not calculate how many episodes of series I acted in, but we usually film around 100 episodes per year. Therefore, it's expected to reach such amount in 10 years."

While artistes have a glamorous appearance onscreen, they have many untold hardships behind the scene. "We have to memorize too many scripts. Sometimes, we only receive the scripts in the same morning. We need to memorize scripts as thick as this," added Charmaine.

"After we finished filming, we can't go home and enjoy ourselves or have dinner with friends after work like other people. Instead, we're stuck in our room memorizing lines, because we need to film another scene shortly," said Bowie.

Charmaine: "Actors don't have many friends as we need to memorize never-ending amount of scripts daily."

"Apart from the scripts, we have other hardships as well. Once we are filming in midst of desert and end up with our mouth filled with sands. Another time, I was carrying a little kid and tripped on my costume. I fell face down 90 degree on the ground, causing my mouth to bleed. It was really painful."

Entering the entertainment business for 20 years, Bowie who didn't have prior training admitted that he was like a piece of blank paper back then. Thinking back, he said: "I started acting without receiving any training. I often seek advice from many seniors such as Chow Yun Fatt etc. I still remember the situation back then, they didn't just teach me one method, but 10 different methods of acting and I chose the most suitable method."

"Charmaine is right. As an actor, we face a never-ending amount of scripts. Once, I attached my scripts on Charmaine's back and recite the lines while taking glances. However, this doesn't mean we're lazy. Even though we are reading the lines, we still need to pronounce them naturally, and memorize them well."

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Interview clip here credit to missmie weibo.

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