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Saturday, September 25, 2010

TVB Producer Mui Siu Ching reveals [Forensic Heroes 3] main cast

1st collaboration between Charmaine Sheh and Wayne Lai, a new love spark

[Apple Daily 25/09/2010]

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang portrayal as onscreen lovers in [Rosy Business] and [No Regrets] are well accepted by audiences. However, in December 'Chai Gau' Wayne Lai will have new love interest – the popular Charmaine Sheh in [Can't Buy Me Love]. They will be pairing up in new series [Forensic Heroes 3]. When TV King meets TV Queen, there's bound to be sparks. In order to match the beautiful Charmaine, Wayne will be training vigorously to lose weight for a dashing appearance.

Charmaine, whose popularity continue to increase due to [CBML] has collaborated with numerous siusangs in the past including Gallen Lo, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Dayo Wong, Raymond Lam, Joe Ma, Chilam Cheung etc. In recent years Charmaine have continue to work with Moses, Joe and Kevin. Though [CBML] garnered good review and ratings, her partnership with Moses is beginning to lack excitement. Charmaine has accepted producer Mui Siu Ching's [FH3] in December and it will certainly generate new interest as she is partnering with the talented Wayne Lai.

In 2006, the combination of Bobby Au Yeung and Frankie Lam in [Forensic Heroes] has brought in an average rating of 41 points for its finale episode (approximately 2.64 million viewers). TVB continue to produce a sequel with the addition of Charmaine (Madam Ma) and Kevin Cheng. The sequel was equally popular and sparked romantic rumors between Charmaine and Kevin. However, TVB decides to switch Bobby Au Yeung with Wayne Lai in the 3rd sequel.

During the phone conversation with producer Mui Siu Ching, she revealed: "[FH3] will start filming in December. The cast includes Wayne Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui and Ron Ng. In addition of exhausting the romantic development in Part 1 and 2, most of the leading characters have already departed from the series. Therefore we decided on a totally new cast and storyline in the 3rd sequel."

Mui Siu Ching continues: "Charmaine will not be a Madam (cop) this time. She will portray a forensic pathologist. Wayne will be a dashing cop and investigate cases alongside Charmaine. They will have plenty of romantic scenes. Since Charmaine have not collaborated with Wayne before, we believe that it will bring a fresh feeling to audiences."

When interviewed about his upcoming collaboration with Charmaine, Wayne excitedly expressed through the phone: "Honestly, I have filmed series for so many years and have worked with numerous fadans, except Charmaine. Even if we are in the same series, we have not shared any scenes together. Therefore I'm quite excited; my onscreen partners are getting younger. I feel that Charmaine is very intelligent, alert, and her acting skills have improved and matured tremendously in recent years. I look forward working with Charmaine."

Wayne expressed that as he will be portraying a dashing cop in the series, he is determined to lose weight in order to match his beautiful partner Charmaine: "I currently weight 145 pounds and I hope to reduce approximately 10, 8 pounds. I need to look slimmer to match Charmaine!"

As for Charmaine's opinion on their upcoming collaboration: "I'm not sure if everything has been confirmed. If it's true, then it's definitely great news because I've never worked with Wayne before. His acting is excellent, I also watched him in [Rosy Business]."

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Sehseh: *Updated 10/10* Tavia Yeung will not be taking part in FH3. So I guess Kate replaced Tavia's role.


Qingwa said...

sehseh . . I have questions

1. If Charmaine perform in FH III in December, what’s about her series in mainland with Bobby.

I check in your blog, the time Charmaine will film mainland series is November 2010 - January 2011. Does it mean she’ll cancel the mainland series (I’ll be sad because I want to see her in wuxi) or will she fill both series in the same time (I worry about her health).

How ever I’m so excited about Charmaine’s forensic pathologist character. I start to think about her look to suit this role. In Thailand has a famous woman forensic pathologist who is good in fashion, she’s smart and cool. I want too see Charmaine like this.

2. Has Wayne ever been in the same series with Charmaine? I don’t remember him in any series with Charmaine or I didn’t notice before.

sehseh said...

1. She is still in that Mainland series with Bobby. Mui Siu Ching said that FH3 will film in December, but she didn't say when exactly. So most probably in late Dec, and Charmaine will enter filming later after she completed her mainland series. Just like Sister Fa, FH3 doesn't need for Charmaine to start filming first.

2. No.

Qingwa said...

Thank you for the answers.

I'm so happy she will be in wuxi series and doesn't have to stress her health.

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