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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charmaine Sheh is not chasing after the glory of TV Queen

[Mingpao 23/09/2010]

The cast of [Can't Buy Me Love] held a Mid-Autumn festival gathering yesterday to celebrate the series receiving the highest average rating in 2010 to date. During the celebration, they announced that TVB would organize an event on October 3rd to watch the 2-hour finale with fans.

Charmaine expressed that the rating results are similar to what she speculated. When she first received the scripts, she can't help but keep reading on. Asked if she is confident to win TV Queen award this year, Charmaine said: "I don't know. It's just September and there's still some time before anniversary. Plus there's plenty of series that haven't aired yet. It's too early to say." She jokingly said that the last time she won, it was year 2006. She felt that it's more important that audiences like the series, instead of her winning again or not. "Maybe I have different perspective in life now." Asked to elaborate further, she said: "After the Philippines tour bus tragedy, I realized that it's more important to lead a happy and healthy life."

Mentioning Stephen Chan's case, Charmaine indicate that she has not received any notice to testify in court. Did she contact Stephen to express her concern? Charmaine believe it's better to keep concern at heart during sensitive time.

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