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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Charmaine Sheh and Christine Ng fans fighting in Weibo

[Singtao 28/9/2010]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh posted a message in weibo persuading fans to stop fighting with Christine Ng fans. Turns out that the two groups of fans have been quarreling for quite some time. A few days later, Christine personally apologized to Charmaine fans, while Charmaine immediately posted a message to resolve fans dispute after realizing the heated posts in weibo.

Artistes have been opening account in weibo to foster closer relationship with fans. At the same time it also became war zone for fans. After Nick Cheung controversy in weibo, Charmaine and Christine fans are also exchanging arguments online. It was just a simple misunderstanding but due to fans anxiousness in defending their idols, it resulted in the idols having to publicly apologize and persuading them to stop arguing. Fans love can be a double-edged sword.

Charmaine's message on weibo: "Please stop fighting. Christine and I are good colleagues, we are friends. See you all like this made us unhappy." This message quickly attracted over 1000 replies. Fans expressed that anyone who attack Charmaine is their enemy, clearly they are anxious to protect their idol.

The dispute started when Charmaine posted a magazine picture of herself in weibo. Good friend Joel Chan praised her beauty, and Charmaine replied: "Good taste." Shortly, Christine who was having a brother-sister relationship with Joel retweet: "You only praises her!" and they started to exchange banters. Joel replied to Christine: "Do you need to be so petty?" Christine mockingly threatened Joel: "You go eat shit, I won't talk to you anymore. Don't need your praises."

What started as a joke between 3 friends provoked misunderstanding among over-sensitive fans. Some of Christine fans went to Charmaine's weibo and criticized that Charmaine is not pretty at all. This angers Charmaine's fans and scolded them for creating troubles in her weibo. Fans began to exchange aggressive and distasteful replies, and one Christine fans even demanded an apology when they saw their idol being cursed by Charmaine's fans. They started to demand apology (from Charmaine), which caused another Charmaine fans to attack Christine: "Please go to a mental asylum. Are you a crazy woman? No wonder your husband died early!" The two groups of fans refused to back down. Christine saw what happened and personally replied to one of Charmaine fans that she is apologetic and will handle the issue.

Yesterday, Charmaine quickly posted a message to stop fans after noticing the fight. When she attended the store opening of FUJIFILM beauty shop, Charmaine expressed that she hope fans will co-exist peacefully. However, she has no idea about dispute: "I don't know what actually happened, this is just a small misunderstanding because fans were anxious to defend their idols. I will not ask fans about what happened, because it's a small matter. It's not the first time fans defended me online."

Meanwhile, regarding the news of Lee Shau Kee son Peter Lee intent to acquire TVB shares, Charmaine frankly said that 6th Uncle (Sir Run Run Shaw) has always been her boss for all these years, therefore she feels a little reluctant to change a new boss. However she also looks at the bright side and said that a new boss is good as long as the workers' wages are increased and maintaining quality production.

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Sigh... immature fans that have too much time on their hands. It's fine to defend your idol, but please don't create a ruckus in their weibo. So embarrassing. And fans should take responsibility in their own actions, not the idols. This is the prime example of the saying 粉丝行为,偶像买单. Since Charmaine already asked fans to stop fighting, we all should move on and forget this silly episode.

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