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Friday, September 03, 2010

Charmaine @ Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards Night

Tungstar news clip

Charmaine Sheh craving for sweet romance

[HK Dailynews, Singtao 04/09/2010]

Previous evening, various artistes from the entertainment circle such as Miriam Yeung, Big 4, Charmaine Sheh, G.E.M. etc attended the [Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards Night]. Charmaine was honored with 'TV Personality of the Year' award.

Mentioning her recent win of 'Most Popular HK Artiste' at [Seoul Drama Awards 2010], Charmaine expressed that this is her first award outside Chinese region. She said: "Maybe because I went to South Korea before to promote [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], therefore they have some impression of me."

Charmaine has filmed over 110 episodes of TV series in this year. All her time was spent on filming, and she has no time for dating. "I totally have no free time to settle my personal business. I barely had time to sleep, so dating is out of the question." Charmaine frankly said that if she has a choice, she hopes for a sweet romance. "Of course I crave to have someone to share my happiness and troubles with. Hopefully I will be able to meet this person soon. (Will you consider rumored boyfriend Moses Chan?) That is impossible, the rumor is ridiculous. Strangely, some people still believed it. From the positive aspect, perhaps people are just too engrossed in the series (CBML), hence their assumptions. It can be considered a good sign then."

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p.s. Charmaine told reporters that she doesn't have time to make up, so be lenient with her. Lol...

News clips
TVB8 credit to vickylovey (Charmaine thanked fans for their support!)
J2 credit to Charvin Baidu Forum


Sources: Weibo, Ent.Mop, Tom Yule, Tungstar

Added Nov 2, 2011: CosmoHK facebook pics

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