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Friday, March 26, 2010

[Qin Xiang Lian] for Charmaine Sheh?

[Source: 26/03/2010]

Mainland China grand production costume series 《秦香莲》 {Qin Xiang Lian) is going to be filmed soon in Hengdian. The series will be helmed by director Bai Yong Cheng and is expected to start filming in April. It will be a star-studded series - among those confirmed are Wang Gang, Liu Xue Hua, Jin Zhao Qun, Paul Chun Pui, Tik Lung, Michelle Yim and Kenny Kwan.

However, the leading actor and actress for the role of Chin Shi Mei and Qin Xiang Lian are unconfirmed.

Actresses such as Sun Li, Charmaine Sheh, Fan Bing Bing, Huo Shi Yan etc. was approached for the role of Qin Xiang Lian. As for Chin Shi Mei, actors such as Ren Quan, Chen Kun, Yan Kuan, Hawick Lau etc are being considered.

(Chen Shi Mei was infamous in Chinese folklore for being a heartless and ungrateful husband).

Do not repost.

Before anyone get overexcited, please note that Charmaine is not confirmed to take part in this series. Mainland production companies are known for quoting big names to attract publicity for the series.

Doesn't match:
Schedule - Charmaine has another TVB series in April/May, considering that Qin Xiang Lian is the leading female role, it is not possible for her to film 2 series at once.

Venue - Hengdian. I'm not sure how many series can be filmed in Hengdian studio at the same time, but chances of two grand production filming at similar schedule?

Theme - Earlier Yu Zheng indicate that he heard that Charmaine will be filming a court series (though the title seems like a comedy). In original story of Qin Xiang Lian, a part of the storyline took part in court presided by Justice Bao.

So let's just read take the news above with a pinch of salt and keep our fingers crossed for more information soon.

Vote for Charmaine as Qin Xiang Lian!

Fans, please vote for Charmaine (佘诗曼) as the ideal actress for Qin Xiang Lian.

It doesn't matter if Charmaine will actually take part in the series, but this poll have significance in showing her popularity index in Mainland China market. Therefore, please show your support!

You can only vote one actress (Charmaine, of course) and one actor. Click on the lower left button to confirm.


hyn5 said...

Charmaine is probably not in it, as she and Raymond are already confirmed to film a TVB series in May.

That's too bad, as "Qin Xiang Lian" is a grand Mainland production, and I love watching the story of Chan Sai Mei in all of the "Justice Bao" series (Taiwan, ATV, and TVB).

sehseh said...

I'm skeptical too but let's see.

In anyway, Charmaine's schedule for her May TVB series and June Mainland China series will definitely clash.

Even if her series with Raymond is just 20 episodes, it is unlikely for her to finish filming in less than 2 months, unless a significantly reduced screentime.

sereneione said...

The story of Qin Xianglin seems sooooo familiar... I feel like I've watched a movie/drama with the same storyline before. Oh wait. Maybe it's that movie, The Taichi Master. Not the exact storyline, but I think Michelle Yeoh's character is something like that.......

sehseh said...

Taichi Master did feat her, but it was a huge deviation from the original story.

Because of this legend, the term 'Chan Sai Mei' is commonly used to call men who is a heartless bastard.

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