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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Next TV Awards 2010 - Results

Top 10 TV Artistes

1. Sheren Tang
2. Wayne Lai

3. Charmaine Sheh

4. Tavia Yeung
5. Moses Chan

6. Linda Chung
7. Bosco Wong

8. Ron Ng
9. Susan Tse
10. Fala Chen

Most Potential Male Artiste: William Chan
Most Potential Female Artiste: Elanne Kong

Top 10 TV Programmes

1. Beyond the Realm of Conscience
2. Rosy Business
3. You're Hired
4. E.U.
5. A Chip Off the Old Block
6. Burning Flame 3
7. Off Pedder
8. A Watchdog's Tale
9. Hong Kong Gossip (ATV)
10. The Voice

Sponsor's Award

Kanebo Impress Pure Skin Award - Bernice Liu
Philips Charismatic Star Award - Tavia Yeung
Polo Santa Roberta Fashionista Award - Linda Chung
Slendertone All Round Beauty Award - Ella Koon

Men's Skin Centres by Bella New Generation Charisma Award - William Chan
Svenson Healthy Hair Award - Moses Chan

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Next TV Award magazine actually published different Top 10 Artistes as their cover for this special edition (Issue 1047). I wish I can get Charmaine's when it arrives in Msia!

High quality scans credit to Kwan5170 from
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1 comment:

eng samnang said...

congratulation to charmaine that list as top 3. I am so happy that BTROC won over Rosy business. I found Rosy business is good but BTROC owe something that catch alof of people's heart

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