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Saturday, March 13, 2010

[风采 FEMININE Issue 521] Charmaine Sheh - A Beautiful Battle

Charmaine Sheh underwent over 10 turbulent years in TV industry. She never once retreated but instead courageously moved forward, growing more beautiful from her battles.

Never lazy in skincare – fighting for resting opportunities

She was labeled as flirty and gossip queen due to her rumors with onscreen co-stars. One classic example is her intimate scenes with Chilam Cheung, which resulted in his then girlfriend Anita Yuen threatened angrily: "Charmaine is a seducer; I want to stab her dead with a knife!"*

(*Misquote – Anita did not call Charmaine a seducer. Anita's statement was twisted by tabloids back then)

Charmaine is not only born with flourishing love luck, she also attracts rumors easily. Apart from rumors with co-stars, she often have rumors about fighting with other actresses for status, fighting for awards, not getting along with co-stars, being taken care of by tycoons etc. These are enough to crush you by just wavering slightly. However, Charmaine undergo these calmly one by one to reach where she is today. Now at 35 years old, Charmaine gained many experience through the years. Instead of aging signs, she looks more charming now. To her, it's impossible not to have setbacks in life. The key is whether you are prepared to challenge them and uphold your best outlook!

Charmaine projects an aura of flawlessness, simplicity and elegance. Malaysia SKINZ Infinite sees this quality and officially signed her as their anti-aging skincare spokesperson. According to them, Charmaine will be coming to Malaysia in April to kick off the promotional activities.

Love for beauty is inborn. Especially for artistes who depend on their good looks for income, maintaining beauty is something you could not be lazy about – it's a daily practice! Charmaine says: "My daily beauty routine are cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen. Even if I'm exhausted, I could not skip double cleansing and applying serum. This is because removing traces of make up thoroughly can help prevent skin aging."

Asked about her beauty secrets, Charmaine expressed: "Apart from basic routine, you must understand your skin condition well. For example, the biggest problem of my skin is dryness; therefore I have to pay attention to hydration."

Charmaine frankly indicate that the biggest threat to her beauty is lack of sleep. "Filming series means irregular schedule. When we are rushing to film, we often film throughout the night. There is no way to get proper sleep. Of course the skin could not rest properly as well." However, Charmaine loves acting. In fact, the word 'retiring' never came across her mind. Therefore, in order to preserve both beauty and dream, she has to seek opportunity to rest and diligently take care of her skin.

Coming from Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, Charmaine has already became TVB leading actress since joining the industry. Therefore she filmed series non-stop and was tagged as 'Industrious Fadan'. Despite continuous rumors, she remains firmly as TVB 1st Sister. The series she leads in always attract audiences. The more you sees her, the more colorful she transformed.

Luck is not a certainty – must continue to have breakthrough in acting

"I admit I am a lucky person. The company has always treated me well. Over the years I have filmed one series after another, giving me a lot of opportunities. However, you cannot simply use the word 'luck' to describe me entirely and dismiss my hard work. I have never given up on the opportunities given. At this, I am very proud of it."

Mentioning acting, Charmaine appeared to be very excited: "In the past, I only think of doing my best when I received the script. Now I not only do that – I also hope that my roles and portrayal could achieve breakthrough!"

If you have watched Lunar New Year movie recently, you will remember that Charmaine portrayed a foul-mouthed and mean landlady in [72 Tenants of Prosperity]. She had lots of fun due to the huge difference between the character and her true personality. She said she is a fadan (actress), but not a flower vase. Therefore naturally she could portray character different from her true self. She looks gleeful mentioning this.

The reporter asked Charmaine what she will turn into if she had not participated in MHK pageant and became a TV actress. Charmaine laughed gently: "I might be someone's wife." Her voice is filled with pleasant imagination. When the topic changed to her personal romance, Charmaine built a defensive wall and does not respond.

Though Charmaine does not reveal her personal romance, it doesn't stop this topic from spreading like wildfire. Since entering entertainment circle, she never ceased to have rumored partners. Recently there were rumors of her dumping Kevin Cheng for a tycoon, which later broke up after 3 months. There's also another rumor of her dating [Can't Buy Me Love] co-star Moses Chan and becoming the 3rd party. Maybe Charmaine understand the media too well – responding will only allow the media to add more salt and vinegar to the stories. Therefore, keeping silent is the wisest method. Over time, the topic will naturally die down.

Non-stop rumors – hard to distinguish between real and fake lover

When it comes to Hong Kong media way of working, Charmaine has already long accustomed to them. "As you know, there are gossips everywhere in Hong Kong. I'm used to being made up stories." However, mentioning the recent rumors of being taken care by a tycoon, Charmaine felt annoyed and funny at the same time: "If I'm really such person, why do I still need to keep struggling all these years? In Hong Kong, almost every female artiste will have this kind of rumor. However I want to tell everyone that I am someone who depends on my own effort."

Charmaine has reached a level where she ignores the existence of her rumors. Rather than wasting time to get upset, it's better for her to listen to music or going for spa and massages. "At least I can reduce stress and work harder afterward!"

With her endless jobs, Charmaine's schedule was already packed till September since the start of New Year. "One of them is a China series; I will go to Mainland China for filming." When asked if she will buy house as investment, Charmaine said: "I want to buy one as investment but I haven't decide on the location yet." Though she has not targeted any properties yet, Charmaine has shown interest in a jade ring worth HKD160, 000 as a gift for her mum. "I'm still considering, I have to see if my mum likes it and whether there is a discount." She is being frugal because those are her hard earned money. If she really has a tycoon taking care of her, she wouldn't even need to bother about expenses.

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I walked pass a magazine store and to my (delighted) surprise, Charmaine is on the cover for Feminine! The pictures are from her SKINZ Infinite ads.

p.s. Charmaine's TVB Blog was updated, please visit and drop her some supportive message!

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