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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charmaine Sheh help TVB to refute rumors

[Takungpao 23/03/2010]

Yesterday TVB held a press conference at Hong Kong FILMART exhibition to promote their series for the year. Among the cast who attended the promotional event are [Growing Through Life] Raymond Lam and Damian Lau, [Rosy Business 2] Wayne Lai and Nancy Wu and [Can’t Buy Me Love] Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh. TVB executive Virginia Lok also attended the event but did not accept interviews.

Rumored pair Moses and Charmaine attended the event in their costumes to promote [CBML]. Moses joked that he feared women and afterward he was asked if he really fears women. He smiled and said: "A little. Actually it is the feeling of love and hate." Is his girlfriend savage in real life? Moses played dumb: "I don't know what you are talking about. (Have you encountered yet?) Encounter what?" Moses was speechless when he was asked again if he fears his girlfriend. Charmaine who was laughing at the side, came to his rescue: "Just say you are afraid of your mum." Pressed to answer whether his current girlfriend is savage, Moses expressed that it's not convenient for him to reveal. He said that artistes' private lives have been exposed enough, therefore he will not reveal his privacy to others.

Charmaine denies that she is a savage girlfriend, but she did throw tantrums at her ex-boyfriend before. The most extreme is just walking away, she won't resort to violence or being headstrong. Is not being headstrong one of her secret weapon? She smiled and said: "I don't know. Must ask my ex-boyfriend." Recently there are rumors of artistes presenting expensive handbags to female executive. Charmaine indicate that executives will not accept overly expensive gifts. There are also rules and regulations to follow. She felt that they (reports) should stop hurting innocent people because there is no such incident. There is also rumors that the female executive will state her gift wish-list in the invitation card. Charmaine said: "How could that be? I've never seen such invitation card. Usually I'm notified of the invitation via the secretary." Charmaine frankly said she has presented accessories during Virginia's birthday party but it was just a small token and not expensive at all. Asked why did she not present handbag, Charmaine laughed and said: "That is so expensive! It is useless to present since they won't accept anyway."

Additional excerpts from Mingpao:

Regarding the rumors of artistes giving expensive gifts to executives, Charmaine said: "There's no need to respond to this question, because executives could not accept expensive gifts. Please stop hurting the innocent." Asked is she has received invitation card listing out gift wish-list in the past, Charmaine said: "I have never received invitation card, usually I'm asked by the secretary to RSVP through the phone." What does she usually give? "Depend on the recipient's preference. For example during Virginia's birthday party, I presented accessories as she often attends events. It's just a small token." Why didn't she give handbag instead? "Handbag is too expensive, she can't accept it so it's useless anyway. For gifts exceeding HKD10, 000, I've only given them to my mother."

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