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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Charmaine Sheh has no fate with Moses Chan

[Mingpao 13/02/2010]

There's a rumor that Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan sparked real feelings while filming TVB new series [Can't Buy Me Love]. Apart from Moses girlfriend Bernice Liu avoiding her, Charmaine old flame Kevin Cheng also appeared to be in bad mood. Yesterday Charmaine filmed outdoor scenes for [CBML]. Though Moses filming schedule was canceled last minute, her mood remained cheerful and smiling all day long. She even accommodated all requests from passerby for pictures and autographs.

The scene yesterday originally includes Moses but due to schedule clashes, Moses scenes have to be filmed later. Charmaine revealed that she often bickers with Moses in the series. Her character once hung Moses upside down against the window while Moses (before knowing she's a princess) covered her with a gunny sack and hit her. Later the two of them were forced to get married. "A huge disaster." Charmaine indicate that she will be on Chinese New Year break after filming this scene. She is considering whether to have reunion dinner at her aunt's place with her mother. When asked whether Moses go along, Charmaine firmly denies the rumor: "Please don't turn your imagination into reality. I really do not want to respond further. This joke is not funny anymore." Charmaine expressed that her mother does not ask about the rumors, nor does she know whether Kevin's feelings was affected or not.

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