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Sunday, December 06, 2009

TVB Sales Presentation Ceremony 2010

Here Comes The Princess / Princess Marriage

Credit to habmivid @ youtube. Special thanks to Mare.

Tudou links for full show (including other series clips)
Part 1
Part 2

Tang Dynasty era were the pinnacle of female supremacy
Men fear its princesses the most
People said that a princess doesn't need to worry about marriage
But is that true?
Just take a look at expression of the prince consort-to-be.

Susanna: My dear son, you must become the prince consort.
Raymond: Brother, if you refuse we will lose our gold - and family as well!
Debt collector: Return money!
Kenneth: Listen to us and obediently become the prince consort. All the gold accessories in the royal palace will be made by Gum family.
Everyone: For the sake of the family!

4 Spinster Princesses: We are princesses, how can we marry a goldsmith?
Linda: The Princess says; If the Prince Consort is not obedient, she will train him until he does.
Fala: The Princess says: If the Prince Consort is not suitable, she can keep marrying until she found the right one.
4 Spinster Princesses: That desperate to get married?

Moses: Bring out your most famous courtesan!
Moses: Listen to me; I only need to be the prince consort for a day. When I get what I want, I will find a way to divorce that princess. Afterward I will return and marry you.
Charmaine: Is this true?
Moses: I will marry no other lady but you.
Charmaine: I will marry no other gentleman but you.

This cunning prince consort thought he can use the princess and get away with it.
Is everything as wonderful as he thinks?

Linda & Fala: Prince consort, raise your head.
Moses: Princess?!
Charmaine: Dear Prince Consort.
Charmaine: (Divorce me? Let's see how you will suffer.)
Moses: (Big trouble)

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kelly said...

haha lol i can't wait to watch this comedy so freaking funny with the storyline i love susanna kwan!!!

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