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Sunday, December 27, 2009

TVB Mag Issue 653 - [Heaven & Earth] Charmaine Sheh changing image as DJ

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Following [Dance of Passion], Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam and Kenny Wong collaborated again in new series [Heaven & Earth]. The story of [HAE] began after a mountaineering accident which resulted in cannibalism for survival. The theme is about the multi facet of human nature. Charmaine is one of the main leads in the series and she will be portraying a DJ. In order to complement her character and give a fresh feeling to audience, Charmaine even cut her hair short. Cool!

Complimenting the character
Charmaine's character is a radio show host. She is independent and does not care what other people say. Therefore she cut a refreshing short hairdo to match her character.

Saddened expression
Though the incident happened many years ago, Charmaine still revealed a saddened expression on the way to visit her boyfriend's memorial altar.

Seamless collaboration
Charmaine's character is a radio show host and she sported a short hair in the series; which was rare of her. "The last time I cut my hair short is 5 years ago for series [Always Ready]. I felt reluctant when I cut it, but my friends commented that it looks good. Therefore I am very satisfied with this hairstyle, haha!" In the series, Charmaine collaborates with old partners Moses, Bowie and Kenny. She has a close feeling as they have worked together numerous times and hence familiar with each other. In addition, Charmaine feels that using cannibalism to bring out the theme of human nature will provoke discussion topics when the series airs.

Mending friendship
When they were young, Charmaine's boyfriend along with the other members of rock band; Moses, Bowie and Kenny met with a mountaineering accident. All survived except her boyfriend. Years have passed; Charmaine tried to forgive them and mend their friendships. They meet up to worship and burn offerings to their deceased friend.

Mustache look
For [HAE], Moses especially lost weight 30 pounds and sports a moustache look.

Remembrance of the past
Seeing his friend's picture on the tomb, Kenny can't help but recall the happy times of their rock band.

Gathering between old pals
The four of them collaborating again is like a gathering of old pals, laughing and chatting off camera.

Professional photographer
Charmaine have avid interest in photography. Before filming she took Chik Kei Yi's professional camera and take pictures of the surrounding. Judging from her hands, she is quite professional.

Bowie Lam and Maggie Shiu finally ‘break up’
Bowie's character in the series worked for the Workers Union group. He is dedicated in fighting for workers benefits. He shares romantic scene with Astrid Chan. As for his frequent on-screen romantic partner Maggie Shiu, she finally 'breaks up' with Bowie and pairs up with Moses instead. Maggie will be cheated of her money and feelings by Moses. She laughed: I'm not worried of having many intimate scenes with Moses; I'm more concerned of his tall height because I have to wear 3-4 inch heels to match him!"

Helping workers
Lee Si Nga highly admires Bowie's dedication in helping workers and also his unique perspective. She becomes his right hand and assists in his union group works.

Unseen danger
Bowie placed work at utmost importance. His marriage with Astrid drifted apart unknowingly.

Extra attention
Maggie learns that Charmaine is Moses friend and cared a lot for her.

Lobbying for votes
Bowie is running for a seat in Union group, therefore he passed out promotional flyers at housing estates to garner support.

Hands on work
Before filming, producer Chik Kei Yi personally goes through the script with Bowie and Charmaine. He gave them a better understanding of the characters and how to portray them.

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Extra: Kelvin Leung has just updated his TVB blog with [HAE] pics, he is portraying the young version of Kenny Wong.

From left: Stanley Cheung (Ka Ming a.k.a. The Boyfriend), Angel Chiang (Charmaine), Yeung Chiu Hoi (Moses), Ronald Law (Bowie) and Kelvin Leung (Kenny).


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hyn5 said...

I didn't know that Charmaine was into photography as well. :D

sehseh said...

She start to indulge in photography in late 2007. Her cat BB is her first model.

You can see that she's toting a professional camera when filming [Easterly] in Shenzhen.

micharray said...

she looks beautiful in that movie,by the way i agree what u talk!

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