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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Kevin Cheng gives 98 points to Charmaine Sheh culinary skills

[Oriental Daily, The Sun 01/12/2009]

Since Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng were rumored to have broken up, they seem to be evading each other at public events. Yesterday the two of them attended an event to 'earn money' and have a change of attitude; chatting and laughing. When Charmaine made vermicelli soup for Kevin, she demanded him to give points.

Charmaine and Kevin attended officiating ceremony for Vietnamese restaurant PHO24 at Shatin yesterday. Previously Kevin was allegedly evading Charmaine after their break up rumor. However, not only were they laughing and chatting, they also show a lot of tacit understanding during the games session. When they were required to guess each other’s favorite food, they got two out of three correct. Charmaine also prepared vermicelli soup for Kevin to taste and demanded for him to give points: "Give me some face!" Kevin immediately responded: "It's too late to say that now!"

After a short banter and Kevin finally gave Charmaine 98 points. "It's delicious. But I won't give perfect score, in case she get overconfident. I hope she will keep improving." When asked if this is their first time attending event as couple team, Charmaine quickly corrected: "It's rumored couple!" While Kevin just laughed and did not comment. Asked if they are received a higher fee, he said: "It's something symbolic. As usual we work for money."

In addition, when they learn about the high ratings of [Beyond] final episode they clapped their hands happily. They expressed hopes of filming a sequel with the original cast. Mentioning that the peak ratings tied with [JITP] but was lower in total audiences, Charmaine said: "It's very good being able to tie with [JITP]! [Beyond] is considered a milestone for local production, we must treat everyone a meal for the good results." Will she feel much more confident toward TV Queen award? "With such good feedback, I felt as if I already won! Instead I think this series stand a great chance of winning Best Series Award because a lot of people like the series."

Additional translation from Mingpao:

Discussing about the chances of [Beyond] filming a sequel, Kevin said: "You will have to ask Catherine Tsang (Chief Executive of Production Department), if [Princess Marriage] is considered the sequel, then I will be very disappointed because Tavia and I won't be taking part." He frankly admitted looking forward working with Charmaine again: "I feel that our pairing produced chemistry. If we are collaborating again, perhaps we can try switching romance onscreen partner with other cast." Charmaine also indicate looking forward to it.

Rating results for [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]:

Monday – Friday (23-27/11) Average rating of 35 points
Saturday (28/11) Average rating of 36 points
Sunday (Finale 29/11) Average rating of 46 points, peaking at 50 points.

While [Beyond] peak rating tied with [JITP] at 50 points, it won over [JITP] and [Moonlight Resonance] at 98% audience rate. At the same time, [Beyond] defeated [Rosy Business] as the highest rating series in 2009.

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alicechen said...

A very dashing couple indeed. :)

I will give her 3 more points! 101%! ^_^

its_janey said...

Very cute!! They are pretty funny together and teasing each other but also they are good friends!!

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