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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Full of confidence - Charmaine Sheh not giving up on TV Queen Award

[Singtao 03/12/2009]

Recently Sheren Tang was perceived as the top candidate for TV Queen Award. Sheren even enlist help from trendy celebrity Wyman to design her TV Queen look. Though facing strong rival, Charmaine Sheh who is one of the nominee seems fearless. While she had won 'Double TV Queen' in the past, Charmaine is still full of confidence: "Hope to continue winning award. Having confidence is a must."

Apart being nominated in Best Actress Award for her role in the high rating series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], Charmaine was also double nominated in Favorite Female TV Character Award for her role as Lau Sam Ho (Beyond) and Lam Miu Miu (You're Hired). This is considered a feat among fadans.

"I will feel nervous every year. Even though I keep telling myself to face it calmly, but the media makes me nervous. They will continue to ask me all the time, therefore it's inevitable to feel nervous. As [You're Hired] and [Beyond] received good ratings and review, I am already very contended. To me this year is considered a big reaping. If I win award, it will be icing on the cake."

In 2006, Charmaine become TVB first Double TV Queen by winning both Best Actress and Favorite Female TV Character Award for her role in [Maiden's Vow]. Though facing tough rival Sheren Tang this year, Charmaine still have confidence of winning.

"When taking part in a competition, nobody wouldn't want the prize. The same apply to anniversary award; the nominees will naturally hope to win. If you have won once, you will feel equally happy winning again. If not winning, it's still happy sharing the other winner's joy. You asked me if I have confidence? Having confidence is a must, I have confidence. [Beyond] good rating did contribute to the chances of winning award, plus the likable role increased my self confidence because it is very important for audience to like my character."

If you want to become TV Queen, you can't depend on luck alone. In order to portray her role well, Charmaine did a lot early preparation and spend some creative thoughts: "Basically the character 'Sam Shui Mui' is a boisterous girl. To avoid making the audiences feel too overboard and silly, I've tuned it to a certain level; adding a little cuteness and less noisy. As for Lau Sam Ho, she has to be a good person; her goodness cannot be unrealistic. Therefore I added details in gestures and facial expression, I hope I do not have one good person look only."

Every year during anniversary award there are bound to be negative news. Repeating like a daily menu, Charmaine feel indifferent about it and feel that it is okay as long as it is not too negative.

"Rumors will occur every year; I can accept it as long as it is not too negative. They can help make the award more exciting, making everyone watch anxiously." Who do you think will win? She said: "You must have confidence on yourself, but this year's competitors are really strong. Sheren's portrayal of 4th Mistress is very popular while Tavia Yeung is portraying a villain. I can see that she poured a lot effort and gained huge improvement. Our sisterhood and fighting scene created sparks, the filming progress is thoroughly pleasurable."

Charmaine entered television circle in 1997 after winning 2nd runner up in Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Though her career path is steady, but this TV Queen has been criticized for having chicken voice and doesn’t know how to act in the past. Therefore, when she won TV Queen she found it difficult to forget her joy.

"That feeling of joy is indescribable. Nothing can be exchanged for it. It's was really an unforgettable moment. It's an explanation to myself. Though I was once criticized, it did not affect me."

As for TV King Award, Charmaine strongly supported Chai Gau (Wayne Lai): "Of course support Chai Gau. During the broadcast of [Rosy Business], I was having a holiday break therefore I followed the series. Chai Gau has strong dynamic energy and he portrayed it very well. There's one scene where Chai Gau was discovered to be alive, the 4th Mistress persuaded him not to seek revenge but he really want to go ahead. Wayne's stares look like he really wants to kill someone."

The Sun & Oriental Daily: Laughing Gor & Sam Ho popular among audiences

Michael Tse and Charmaine Sheh is considered the hot candidate in TVB award, especially in the Favorite TV Character Award category. Is it possible for Charmaine to win Double TV Queen award again? Charmaine said: "It's hard to say, because there is a lot of competitor in Best Actress Award. Instead I have confidence of [Beyond] winning the Best Series Award, because since the ending ratings equaled [JITP], it shows how popular the series is.

Benny Chan supports Charmaine to win TV Queen

In yesterday's interview, Benny Chan was asked if he followed the popular series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. Benny said no. When reporter indicate that Charmaine is one of the popular candidate for TV Queen, he replied: "Her acting is always good. Who else should win if not her?"

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