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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Charmaine Sheh help Tavia Yeung in clarifying 'forbid desire' rumor

[Oriental Daily 15/12/2009]

Last evening, Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung reunite for the first time since TVB anniversary award. Though there were rumors of discord between them due to the disparity in awards, both of them were extremely friendly in front of the cameras. Apart from pretending to kiss each other, Charmaine helped Tavia in clarifying her 'forbid desire' rumor.

Charmaine, Tavia, Kevin Cheng and Moses Chan hosted a 5-table banquet to celebrate the success of series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] with the cast and crew members. Even though there were rumors of TVB sacrificing Charmaine to promote Tavia resulting in fans fighting, the duo were not affected at all. They affectionately posed for kiss and accepted interview together.

Charmaine and Tavia expressed that they often see each other in TVB after anniversary award. Regarding the various reports after the award, Tavia said: "I didn't read and I won't mind. That's just the aftermath of award ceremony. However, I will continue to improve myself. (There's report that you are forbidden to date for 3 years?) How to forbid 'bathing' (desire and bathe sound similar)? If I do not bathe for 3 years, then I will smell awful. (Are you dating Lai Lok Yi?) He is just accompanying me to buy camera. (You have more pursuers now?) More paparazzi!"

Charmaine supported Tavia and said: "If she is dating, she will inform me. As for rumors, just regard it as some entertainment for audiences. (There's rumors saying that she is forbidden to date?) I don't know, when we were filming [Beyond], she did bathe, her body doesn't have any odour." Mentioning reports saying that she was upset for not winning any awards, Charmaine explained that her character in new series [Heaven & Earth] is quite depressing and rarely smiles.

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