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Friday, December 25, 2009

Charmaine @ HAE filming 24/12

Charmaine Sheh endure sufferings in filming to maintain her 1st Sister status

[Singtao, 25/12/2009]

Charmaine Sheh went home empty handed in this year's anniversary award and hence arise the rumors of discord between her and Tavia Yeung. Fans even started fighting online but Charmaine does not seem to be discouraged at all. She is also not concerned about rumors. Instead she continue to work hard filming; hoping to maintain her 1st sister status and competing for TV Queen Award next year. She is currently busy wrapping up filming for series [Heaven & Earth]. Yesterday she filmed a scene at cemetery and was bitten all over by mosquitoes. Though feeling itchy, she kept smiling and was totally engrossed into filming. Extremely professional!

Charmaine has worked in TVB for many years and frequently nominated in anniversary ward. Formerly Double TV Queen, Charmaine went home empty handed this year, losing out Best Actress and other awards as well. There were rumors that Tavia Yeung who won two awards will be highly promoted next year but Charmaine does not feel discouraged at all. To maintain her 1st Sister status and competing for TV Queen Award next year, she diligently continue to film series. Upon completing [Heaven & Earth], she will be busy filming new series [Here Comes the Princess] with [Beyond] original cast. Hopefully she can win TV Queen Award next year!

Recently, Charmaine filmed outdoor scene with [HAE] cast at the Happy Valley cemetery. Wearing an ensemble of black top, miniskirt and boots, Charmaine brought her personal branded handbag for filming use. That was very thoughtful of her. Perhaps it was her [Lau Sam Ho] 'good' blood; she was attacked by mosquitoes and insects despite the cold weather. Charmaine keep shuffling her feet and slapping the mosquitoes. She also scratched her face and neck due to the itchiness. She accidentally revealed her safety pants, but she didn't mind and concentrate in filming happily.

It was a happy collaboration between the cast and crew. Charmaine chatted and joked with them and she seems to be in a cheerful mood. Afterward Charmaine approached the reporter and said: "You are still taking pictures? Be careful, you might step on other people (her eyes hinted at the tombstones)." When it was Cheng Tse Sing turn to film, Charmaine sat aside and held the sound master recorder and microphone. She closed her eyes and listened to the recording in previous scene. As Charmaine wore a really short skirt, she shielded her thighs with filming props to avoid revealing herself again.

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