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Monday, December 07, 2009

Charmaine & Ben @ HAE filming

Note: The articles are mainly gossip about TVB anniversary award aftermath, therefore I will only translate and summarize related parts.

[The Sun, Oriental Daily, Apple, Singtao 07/12/2009]

Last evening Charmaine Sheh and Ben Wong filmed an outdoor scene in Central for new series [Heaven & Earth]. Charmaine look depressed during the filming and did not chat much, including her onscreen partner Ben. When she realized that reporters are taking her pictures, she smiled at them. After filming is finished, the exhausted Charmaine walked to her car and rested her arm on the assistant's shoulder.

Earlier, Charmaine expressed that she is not disappointed losing out Favorite Female Character Award and the winners deserve their title. She indicates that she will continue to work hard and make a comeback next year.

Regarding the criticism of netizens about their dissatisfaction with Tavia winning the Favorite Female Character Award and sacrificing Charmaine, Tavia said: "The company promotes (support) a lot of people. Charmaine supported me too. I know that she voted for me in [Favorite]. I'm bad, I voted for myself. If there is an extra award I will vote for her." Mentioning that Charmaine complaining that Tavia didn't accept her kiss on the lips as promised, Tavia explained she was nervous and turned her face. She said that she would kiss Charmaine again to make up for it. TV clip

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Poor Charmaine, must be very tiring from filming. Early in the series Charmaine and Ben is playing a couple on verge of marriage breakdown in HAE, which they later divorce.

Pics from Next Magazine:

Here's some pictures of Charmaine driving scene for HAE 2-3 days ago:

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