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Monday, November 30, 2009

[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Finale Special

Note: The clips below contained some spoilers of the ending.

Part 1

Part 2

[Wenweipo, Mingpao, Apple Daily, The Sun, Singtao 31/11/2009]

Last evening, TVB aired the finale 2 episodes of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] live at Discovery Park Mall. They also organized a special show half hour before the series start where its cast members such as Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Susan Tse appeared in their costumes and shared memorable and NG clips with live audience. There was an estimate of 2000 people at the mall.

Emcee Amigo Chui also took the opportunity to tease rumored couple Charmaine and Kevin onstage. They managed to shrug off the questions by smiling embarrassingly.

Charmaine and Tavia praised each other performance in the series. Charmaine laughed and said: "Eunuch/General Ma was defeated by Kam Ling!" and Tavia in response: "Kam Ling was defeated by Sam Ho!" Both Charmaine and Tavia have high hopes for the ending ratings. Charmaine hopes that the ratings will reach 50 points, while Tavia wished that it will reach 51 points, breaking [Jewel in the Palace] record.

Kara Hui who has just won the Best Supporting Actress Award at 46th Golden Horse Award brought along her trophy in hopes of bringing luck to her co-stars Charmaine and Tavia in the upcoming TVB anniversary award. Charmaine and Tavia gave Kara a big congratulatory hug and indicate that they will celebrate with her afterward.

Producer Mui Siu Ching revealed that she has decided to film a new costume series [Princess Marriage] with [Beyond] original cast due to popular response from audiences. The costume comedy series cast consists of Charmaine, Moses, Fala Chan, Linda Chung etc. As Tavia and Kevin are currently busy filming another series, they will not be taking part in [Princess].

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News clips
Scoop @ Charmaine Baidu Forum

Congratulations to [Beyond] cast. The final episode rating average at 46 points, peaking at 50 points.

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