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Saturday, October 10, 2009

[TVB Mag Issue 642] The brewing storm of 'Beyond the Realm of Conscience'

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It's going to take quite some time for translation... please note that there will be spoilers, therefore read at your own risk

Character and series introduction

If the royal court is where men fought for fame and power, then the inner palace is definitely the battle ground where women schemed against each other.

Leading female character Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh) adamantly uphold the principles of 'Doing good deeds, Speaking good words, Showing goodwill' in the deceitful inner palace. In contrast her good friend Yiu Kam Ling (Tavia Yeung) feels that scheming and manipulation is necessary to survive in the palace. Through lavish costumes and intricate accessories, TVB anniversary series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] intend to convey an incredible Tang dynasty series and its message of practicing 'goodwill' to audiences.

Benevolent and stubborn - Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh)

Personality: Gentle and well mannered, relentless in any situation, strong sense of justice

Background: Sam Ho was born in an aristocrat family. Because her father supported Emperor Xianzong's second prince Li Kuan as the next emperor, he was exiled to the harsh border by Emperor Muzong (Eric Li) after the latter ascended the throne. Together with her mother Kong Choi Ging (Crystal Tin) and personal maid Yiu Kam Ling (Tavia Yeung), they entered the palace to become servants. Not long afterward, her mother was implicated in the 'phoenix crying blood' incident and punished to severe beatings by Grand Empress Dowager Kwok (Susan Tse). In her last breath she bid Sam Ho to uphold the goodwill principles. Sam Ho was sent to the Embroidery Department as apprentice. After she grew up, she was promoted by Grand Empress Dowager to the rank of Supervisor (Cheung Zhan) of Jewelry Department due to recognition of her talent.

Romance wise, Sam Ho and chess master Ko Hin Yeung (Kevin Cheng) secretly likes each other; while King Li Yi (Moses Chan) is also in love with her. Li Yi was saved by Hin Yeung on many occasions and he finally succeeds the throne. At the same time, they were embroiled in a love triangle. Seeing Sam Ho and Li Yi affection growing day by day, Kam Ling was afraid that she will threaten her position and decides sacrifice their 20 years of friendship, scheming to harm Sam Ho...

Reckless and greed above conscience – Yiu Kam Ling (Tavia Yeung)

Personality: Disdain toward others, originally kind-hearted. In order to survive she become sly and treacherous; will stop at nothing to succeed.

Background: Twenty years ago, Kam Ling followed her mistress Kong Choi Ging and little miss Sam Ho to enter the palace to become servants. After witnessing Kong Choi Ging being beaten to death due to the 'phoenix crying blood' incident, Kam Ling realized living in the palace is like treading on thin ice. She understands that she must put up pretense in order to survive. In this world, only Sam Ho is worthy of her true friendship.

Arranged into Jewelry Department as apprentice, Kam Ling secretly teaches accessories crafting skills to Sam Ho throughout the years. Unexpectedly Sam Ho impressed the Grand Empress Dowager with her skillful hands and stole Kam Ling's limelight. The feeling of envy started eating away their friendship. Later, Kam Ling used Sam Ho relationship with Li Yi and successfully promoted to the glamorous rank of Consort Lai. Her personality began changing and she is determined to eliminate anyone who threatens her position...

Enduring humiliation in order to complete task – Li Yi (Moses Chan)

Personality: Highly intelligent and decisive. Ruled diligently after ascending the throne, have the nickname of ‘Little Taizong’.

Background: Birth mother Dowager Consort Zheng (Mary Hon) is originally a lowly servant, hence Li Yi was discriminated since childhood. To protect him from harm, Dowager Consort Zheng alleged that Li Yi have gone mentality retarded after an accident and seek approval from Empress Dowager Kwok to leave the palace. 20 years later, Li Yi meet Sam Ho who once treated him with kindness (candied lotus). Seeing that she did not mind him being dumb, he can't help starting to have feelings for her.

With help from Head of Eunuch Ma Yuan Zhi (Lee Kwok Lun), Li Yi ascended the throne as Emperor Xuānzong. He intended to profess his love to Sam Ho but kept his feelings hidden after he found out that Sam Ho and Hin Yeung is in love with each other. Ma Yuan Zhi forced Li Yi to make his adopted daughter Man Bo Yin (Selena Li) as a consort. On the other hand, Sam Ho and others recommended Kam Ling. Hence Li Yi promoted them as Consort Yin and Consort Lai at the same time. Later, Empress Dowager Zheng life is in danger, Yin Fei passed away due to miscarriage and Sam Ho was continuously placed in dangerous situation. How will Li Yi solve these problems?

Brave and wise – Ko Hin Yeung (Kevin Cheng)

Personality: On the surface, he is a chess master. In fact, he loves to practice martial arts. Calm and confident, he dares to love and hate.

Background: Ko Hin Yeung followed his father’s wish to become a chess master in the palace. He secretly borrows sword from Eunuch Bo Gut Cheung (Cheung Chi Kwong) to practice martial arts.

Hin Yeung knew Sam Ho in a chance meeting, but cannot develop further due to differences in their status. Later, Hin Yeung was promoted to Imperial Guard of 4th rank and successfully help Li Yi against Ma Yuan Zhi. When Sam Ho is about to marry him, they suddenly received news of Hin Yeung’s death…

A lot more translation in progress...

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mare said...

this is gonna take me a while to read... looking forward to your translation!!! :D

lol @ how they left out kevin's pic in that relationship chart...

mare said...

the first 2 (?) eps are gonna be so bittersweet with the little kids and the... :')

sehseh said...

Yeah, lol at the missing KC pic

hyn5 said...

I don't know how you do it sehseh. This article is quite long, you are going to feel exhausted when you are done. But I guess you've translated way longer articles in the past.

Hats off to you sehseh!

sehseh said...

hyn5, it'll have a lot more incentive to me if Charmaine's interview is featured :P I'll take my time to slowly translate it and hope there's no 'distraction' midway!

mare said...

thank you for translating!!! i didnt know a lot of the words... hehe... ^_^

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