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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mag scans of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]

Note: Mag scans credit to Kwan5170 from Please do not repost without prior consent from her. Thank you for your co-operation. 未經同意嚴禁轉載, 謝謝合作!

Mingpao Weekly 2136: Explanation on the costumes and accessories in [Beyond]

  • Charmaine have 17 different hairstyle accessories/look.
  • The height of the wig represent social status, Susan Tse have the tallest wig.
  • It takes 3 hour daily for makeup and setting hairstyle.
  • Kevin's rare middle parting wig was made by the master of Tony Leung's in [Red Cliff].
  • Moses wig is specially braided to make crisscross pattern and take more than a hour to set.
  • There is a total of 250 set of costumes in [Beyond].
  • The 4 departments have different flower embroidery on their costumes.
  • Embroidery department (Si Zhai) uses Sacred Lily and pink color.
  • Jewelry department (Si Zhan) uses Peony and blue color.
  • Food & Beverage department (Si Sin) uses Chrysanthemums and orange color.
  • Upholstery department (Si Mut) uses Lotus and green color.
  • Susan and Moses emperor costume alone took 2 months for the hand embroidery.

TVB Mag Issue 634: TVB Bible Anniversary Series Special

Due to time constraint, I will not be translating this issue of TVB mag.

[Beyond] is going to have a promotional event tomorrow, looking forward to it!

p.s. Gallen, Susanna and Charmaine will sing the theme and sub theme songs of [Born Rich] and [Beyond] respectively during the Lighting Ceremony coming Monday.

Also, don't forget to check out the Mingpao interview translation in previous post!

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