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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Charmaine @ TVB 42nd Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

There's not much interview of Charmaine at the lighting ceremony, so I won't be translating the news. Charmaine retained her top position at front row this year. When asked about her favorite to win the Best Actress award, Charmaine said she support both Sheren Tang and Tavia Yeung. Charmaine also sang [Beyond] subtheme song "Windmills".

I have posted the lighting ceremony clips in the post below.

More pictures from the event:

[Beyond] episode 1 is good... excellent acting by Crystal Tin and the child actresses. The child actresses who portrayed Little Sam Ho (pink) is Si Wai, while Kristy portrayed Little Kam Ling (green).

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Advo said...

I really like the sub song by Charmaine. She has such a sweet voice that really suits the song and she did well at the Lighting Ceremony. I have to say, I was also really happy to see so many veterans (e.g Gallen, Ray, Anita, Michael etc.) back. TVB have been very boring these last couple of years and the shows this year, aside from a couple few, have been remarkably boring!

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