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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Charmaine Sheh doesn't bother with rumors

[Singpao 21/10/2009]

TVB new series [Heaven & Earth] held its blessing ceremony at filming studio yesterday. Main cast such as Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Shiu, Kenny Wong etc attended the event. Moses who has just finished filming overnight forgot about the schedule and nearly missed the ceremony. He was 45 minutes late: "I just finished filming overnight and I had other jobs in the morning. I originally wanted to get some sleep when I received call from PA asking me why I have not arrived. In the end I rushed here without going to the washroom." Moses joked that Charmaine's name in [Beyond] is called Sam Ho (Three Good), while he is Sam Gup (Three Urges). "I was anxious when I rushed here, the taxi driver drive in rush for me, and myself is urging to go to washroom. I'm relieved because everyone is still in good mood when I finally reached here."

Charmaine indicate that she have romantic scenes with Moses and Kenny in the series, but in the end they decided not to progress their relationships further and remained as friends. As Charmaine was rumored to have split from Kevin Cheng, is this situation similar to the real life? She said: "I don’t bother with the rumors. I'm currently living happily, thank you very much and goodbye." Maggie's character in the series is very naïve and gullible. She end up being cheated of both money and feelings by Moses. When asked if they have kissing scenes, she laughed: "I'm worried most about kissing scenes, because Moses is growing a mustache. I'm afraid of his mustache."

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TVB8 @ Charmaine Baidu Forum TV clip

Charmaine recently filmed the sales presentation clip for new series 公主駕到 (The Princess Arrives?) with Moses. Other cast are Susanna Kwan, Linda Chung, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, Louis Yuen, Raymond Wong, Lee Heung Kam. Mui Siu Ching planned to film the comedy costume series in Dec, but I'm not sure if Charmaine is confirmed or just guest starring. Waiting for news confirmation...


Advo said...

After watching ep 3 of "BTRC", I do think Moses and Charmaine have a decent chemistry so that's good for HAE. Although, now that veterans like Gallen or Michael Miu is back with TVB, I don't understand why they didn't ask one of them to take over Nick's role instead of rewriting the entire script. Oh well. We'll see about HAE. I am loving "BTRC" - LOL, I called that Moses was just pretending to be handicapped on purpose right away. But it looks really good. And Charmaine is simply gorgeous in it! So pretty!

sehseh said...

Sorry for my late reply, Advo. Yeah, Mo and Charmaine have cute chemistry in Beyond. I hope sparks will fly between them in HAE roles :)

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