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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Beyond the Realm of Conscience Trailer 1: Lau Sam Ho

後宮之中 何必用計

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Doing good deeds, is actually being kind to yourself

Speaking good words, is not to please other people

Showing goodwill, you will live with pride and dignity

Inner palace does not need a scheming heart.

Finally, trailer from upcoming series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. This clip revolves around the '3 Good' of Sam Ho, I wonder if the next trailer will feature the scheming personalities of Kam Ling (Tavia).


hyn5 said...

Can't wait for more! :)

I don't know why they didn't mention the date & time "Beyond" will be airing.

sehseh said...

Sometimes they do not mention date I guess. Plus the date and time already stated on the clip :)

hyn5 said...

It's stated in print, but usually they will say it. Maybe they don't want to emphasize it because they don't want to be so 高調 about it? I don't know.

sehseh said...

You mean maybe they want the audience to be curious and pay attention to the date on print?

hyn5 said...

That too! I just hope that TVB doesn't over promote the series. :)

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