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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moses Chan reduced 30 pounds through tofu diet

[Oriental Daily 22/09/2009]

Yesterday Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Kenny Wong and Maggie Shiu attended the costume tryout for new series [Heaven and Earth]. Moses have a goatee and wore leather jacket, exposing his chest. Afterward, Moses said: "This time, my role has to appear topless for Thai boxing scene and also playing band music. Therefore I'm currently trying hard to sculpt muscles. I successfully reduced 30 pounds, but it's still 5-8 pounds away from my targeted weight. The company will invite Thai boxing champion to teach me boxing." He also revealed that the storyline is related to cannibalism, quite unique theme for television series.

Charmaine even cut her hair short for the role. Though she initially felt reluctant, but she is pleased with the new style. Regarding Moses 'low cut' look, she said: "That is already his limit (revealing the chest), but I feel that he will look better with a tan. I know he worked hard to reduce weight. When we went out for working trip he only ate tofu."

Recently Charmaine supported Dayo Wong's stand-up comedy show with Catherine Chow. She ran into Ada Choi and husband Max Zhang at the end of the show and chatted non-stop.

Takungpao (translated related part to Charmaine only)

Moses Chan, Kenny Wong and Bowie Lam will be collaborating in new series [Heaven & Earth]. The story begins with them getting involved in a mountaineering accident. In order to survive in the harsh environment, they resorted to cannibalism. The incident changed the personalities of the three rebellious youth. Producer Chik Kei Yi expressed that they will film the part subtly to avoid disturbing the audiences and within the censorboard boundary.

Charmaine Sheh will be portraying Moses' first love on the series. She appeared in a new look by cutting her long hair. "It's all for Ah Chik (Chik Kei Yi). When I cut my hair yesterday, I thought of crying. The last time I cut my hair short was 5 years ago while filming [Always Ready]."

Wenweipo (translated related part to Charmaine only)

Moses Chan indicated there will be a debated scene in the series, where Bowie, Kenny and him will eat Charmaine's boyfriend in order to survive on the cold mountain. He planned to gather information on the psychology of cannibalism in the internet.

Charmaine Sheh appeared in a refreshing short haircut image. She indicates that the last time she cut her hair short was 5 years ago. This time is for her DJ role in the series and joked that she's making sacrifice for a guy, whom is Chik Kei Yi. Though she felt reluctant, but she fell in love with the new haircut because it's chic and convenient. In the series, Charmaine and Moses were each other first love. Mentioning that Moses refused to pull his jacket zip lower, Charmaine smiled and indicate that it's rare to see him exposing his chest. She also teased him for being too fair skinned. Charmaine said to reduce 30 pounds, Moses only ate tofu while they ate abalone during their overseas working trip.

Singpao (translated related part to Charmaine only)

Charmaine Sheh indicates that Moses Chan's character is her first love in the series. They broke up because he was too obsessed with music.

No repost allowed.

Charmaine introducing her character background:

* Her name in the series is 葉梓恩 Yip Zhi Yan.
* Charmaine's character is working as a DJ.
* During her younger age (portrayed by Angel Chiang) she hang out with a rock band consisted of Bowie, Moses & Kenny and another guy (her boyfriend).
* Before they disband, the 4 guys went on a mountaineering trip and got trapped on the mountains. To survive they killed the injured friend (boyfriend) and ate him.
* Charmaine hates 3 of them because they did not bring back his remains (sorry dear, they can't because they ate him!)
* Time passed and Charmaine manage to let go of the past. They rebuild their friendship and she got involved in a strange love triangle with all three of them...

Other characters info:

* Bowie is the band leader and drummer
* Bowie is working as Union leader
* Kenny is the bass player
* Kenny's character is happily married
* Moses is the guitarist and lead vocal
* Queenie Chu is Moses' assistant/girlfriend/mistress
* Maggie is a woman who is desperate for love, she will marry Moses
* Moses will swindle Maggie's love and money

Ohh, new hairstyle for Charmaine, so chic and refreshing! I wish they make her eyes makeup more 'gothic'. Looking forward to news clips, hope they will elaborate more on Charmaine's role and also other supporting cast.

More pics here:

东张西望 Scoop news clip
Credit to KuangaiTVB BBS.

TVB8 news clip

Credit to KuangaiTVB BBS.

J2 news clip @ Charmaine Baidu Forum


mare said...

thank you sehseh!!! i totally missed some stuff... like that whole first love thing... no wonder she broke up with him... haha... lead vocals and guitarist baby!!!

oh do you know anything about the band that was there..? will they be playing the young versions of mo, bowie, and kenny..?

sehseh said...

I can't recognize the 4 guys back there, but their hairstyle look like an old fashioned wig, so they might be the younger version of the band.

Funny, Bryant is not in the group. Maybe one of the main character's brother?

So technically, Charmaine might have broke up with Moses and then dated the 4th guy. So I guess there's already bad blood between the band members.

I want to see Charmaine role as vengeance goddess and seducing Bowie and Kenny for revenge :D

mare said...

the band members look so cool!!! hehe...

did you spot angel..?

maybe that 4th guy wasnt too into the band like the other 3... haha... XD

i have a feeling they all had the hots for her when they were young... lol ^o^ maybe no seduction needed at all...

alicechen said...

haha the picture with Ada is soo cute. Ada's husband was left out from the ladies' conversation!

Thanks for the updates SehSeh!

YESH!! This role is interesting! Seducing all three guys to revenge! Do we know who will be playing her dead bf?

sehseh said...

Mare, Angel is standing behind Lau Dan:

Alicechen, I'm not sure.. I initially thought it will be Bryant. We'll see :)

mare said...

thank you..! wish they did that whole standing next to your young self picture... haha...

still waiting on that scoop coverage... it wasnt on enews... :/

Advo said...

So is Moses replacing Nick then? Disappointing. I would have prefered they found some else instead. Moses seemed fine for his character, and Nick was perfect for his character. Without Nick, I'm just not that interested even if Charmaine is in it too. The new hairstyle is...interesting. But Charmaine looks better with long hair. She was SO pretty in the Sales Presentation.

sehseh said...

Moses aren't exactly replacing Nick... they actually divided Nick's characteristics into the 3 characters.

At first I'm bummed that Nick is not in the series, but now with the storyline changed, I'm actually anticipating the series.

I like the new hairstyle change. For fans crying how sad it is to see Charmaine without long hair, well... it's just hair. It will grow back.

I prefer seeing Charmaine being versatile... in both acting AND looks.

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