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Saturday, May 02, 2009

La Madrague

Remember this clip? Yes, it's the MV of Charmaine and Chilam bridal pictorial for Monalisa Bridal studio. Back then, fans (including me) had a hard time identifying the french song in the clip. The song is 'La Madrague' by Brigitte Bardot. Finally found the mp3, with thanks to Charmaine Baidu Forum.

Download the mp3 here:
'La Madrague' by Brigitte Bardot

Sigh... don't you just miss Chilam & Charmaine working together? Since Charmaine's next series is most probably going to be a modern series, and with [Heaven & Earth] being canceled (or postponed infinitely), I hope Charmaine will film another series with Chilam. Just my wishful thinking...

For those who would like to save the pictorial album of Chilam & Chilam:
Full album, re-visited

Filming updates: have new filming pictures of Charmaine and other [Beyond] cast! No repost allowed therefore I can't post it here.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYou must have BBS account and have at least BBS credit $$ to view the pictures (which means if you have not earn credit by posting in BBS before, you won't be able to view it). But you can view her newest handwritten message to fans in the 'Charmaine message' section as long as you have an account.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usp.s. Remember to visit and support Charmaine's TVB Blog!


hyn5 said...

I just love Chi Lam and Charmaine as a couple.

I have those pics saved on flickr. They look great!

sehseh said...

Yeah, I feel that Chilam is Charmaine best on-screen partner to date. Hope that they'll work again in the future.

Advo said...

Has Heaven & Earth been cancelled? I thought it had only been postponed till next year?

sehseh said...

Insider information said that TVB doesn't have plan to film [Heaven & Earth]. So if Nick film TVB series next year, it's not necessarily [HAE], but I hope it'll really be filmed next year.

Advo said...

Oh no! I thought the plot sounded really promising and the cast was awesome. Very disappointing news! I hope H&E will happen anyway. *Crosses fingers*

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