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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kevin Cheng does not decline being couple team with Charmaine Sheh

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[Takungpao 18/11/2008]

Yesterday rumored couple Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh along with Wu Fung, Ng Lai Kuan, Ng Wai Kwok, Lui Yau Yee, Sek Sau and Lee Lam Lam rehearsed together for their TVB anniversary gala performance [金钻情歌忘不了]. Kevin and Charmaine did not avoid each other and appeared onstage together again, even holding hands while singing. Kevin said: "TVB anniversary is to celebrate the company's birthday, they chose me because they feel that I am suitable while I feel happy being able to help." When reporters teased him that he could hold Charmaine's hand, he said: "It's just dancing. Work is still work, no need to emphasize on it. February next year we will film a series together, I expected the media to keep writing (about them)." Asked if they will team up to earn money from outside jobs, he said: "I don't know about the company's arrangement. As for myself, I would not mind about it. However, the current economy is in a slump, inviting us both will be quite expensive."

As for his first time dancing with Charmaine, Kevin highly praised her dancing: "She learned the dance really quick, while I took a long time. Sometimes I even need the help from back-up dancers to rehearse." Does Charmaine singing sounds like 'chicken voice'? Kevin said: "Even though we did our song recording separately, I don't feel that she has 'chicken voice'. Yesterday was the first rehearsal for Charmaine. She frankly indicates that she doesn't understand why the company keeps arranging them to work together: "I don't know why, it's arranged by the company. This year there will be me and Kevin, Moses and Bernice, Myolie and Bosco." Charmaine expressed that she doesn't mind performing together with Kevin: "There's nothing wrong with company's arrangement, as long as the audience is happy, us performers will feel happy as well." In addition, last week TVB Anniversary Award 2008 received 30 points in rating, peaking at 33 which is an increase of one point from last year. TVB received 7 complaints in total, all of them complaining TVB not giving Best Actress award to Liza Wang for her outstanding performance.

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Side note: Charmaine and Kevin will be singing 《只有情永在》 and 《难得有情人》.

I already got the TVB mag scans for sales presentation series, will translate and post later this evening.

Meanwhile, enjoy this rehearsal clip of Charmaine and Kevin:

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