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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The magic of Charmaine Sheh's smile

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The article below was written by a Mainland reporter after his trip to TVB-CMB press conference. It's his personal opinion, therefore please read with a pinch of salt.

[YCWB 06/10/2008 Reporter: Chan Ming Fai]

To survive in the industry, one must keep themselves guarded.

A friend working in the entertainment circle told me, Charmaine have a lot of suitors and she has an open mind toward relationship. Plenty of rumors are real but she is not a bad person. Come to think of it, who doesn’t fall in love? Artistes are also the same. We should be more liberal.

Recently I attended TVB event in Hong Kong. The event itself is not interesting; however because of Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng’s presence it became very interesting.

Those inside the industry called Charmaine as 'Ah Sheh'. Earlier there was a rumor of her visiting Kevin's home in Saikung during scale 8 tropical storm and trapped in a car due to flooding, leading to the villagers recognizing her. And to make it worst the media labeled Kevin as 'luring snake into home' making it an entertainment read. Of course, Charmaine denied the incident when being asked by reporters and said that she was attending a dinner appointment with TVB executives.

Charmaine is someone who has high EQ and through so many years working in the industry, she has become immune to these. Earlier there was a tabloid who took her pictures – no, not secretly following her but kept snapping pictures in front of her face, hoping to get a 'black face' expression from her. If they can get responses similar with Li Ya Peng losing his temper that will be great for them. Unfortunately, they wish was not fulfilled. The reports wrote: "Charmaine kept smiling all the way, she smiled while walking, she smiled when exiting the elevator, she still smiled while waiting for taxi, and there were no 'sulking' pictures." At the press conference, Charmaine again demonstrated the magic of her smile – during our interview, a HK male reporter keep snapping pictures of her, even though other reporters have taken enough and left, his camera is still flashing and clicking. After 10 minutes, Charmaine smiled and turned her head toward him: "Young man, you are still taking pictures, do you want to take pictures of me 'sulking'? How about this, I will purposely sulk for you to take pictures, alright?" An affectionate smile combined with a sweet voice, it's obvious words are tough beneath the soft exterior. The reporter sarcastically said: "There's no need…" and left after losing mood.

Charmaine executed this tactic beautifully, but when she is facing media journalist and not tabloid reporters, she is very considerate. The venue was quite chaotic with Mainland China, Hong Kong and South Korea journalist, filming and TV channel present together. The organizer (TVB) arranged for their artistes to be interview separately. Kevin quickly left after answering a few questions from HK media, while us a group of Mainland reporters turned our attention to 'surround' Charmaine. Charmaine has already being interviewed for a few rounds and she said to us: "I'm sorry; I'm going to get a glass of water first." Drinking water and touching up are common excuses used by artistes to decoy reporters and escape. When we thought Charmaine really used the excuse and escaped, we realized that she truly went for a drink. She returned and patiently answered our questions. Even though it was a red tape (standard) interview, nothing special, Charmaine cleverly give out some points for reporters. Such as "Kevin Cheng is mature and cool", allowing us to make space for imagination.

Through a few years of contact with Charmaine, I think she knows how to build good relations with media. However, Hong Kong media has always labeled her as 'Flirty Sheh', accusing her of being flirty, having a lot of boyfriends – all these are intriguing to others. It's very different for Mainland reporters 'long distance' feeling. A lot of HK reporters can go into TVB City freely and peer into the working life of artistes. And the tabloids reporters even stalk, secretly take pictures and expose their personal lives. The saying that "There's no smoke without fire", a friend working in the entertainment circle told me, Charmaine have a lot of suitors and she has an open mind toward relationship. Plenty of rumors are real but she is not a bad person. Come to think of it, who doesn't fall in love? Artistes are also the same. We should be more liberal.

Please do not repost.

Image Hosted by The tabloid reporters deserved it. Especially the fellow who followed her down the street and most probably said ugly stuff to incite her to lose temper. But Charmaine kept her cool and just smiled.

Whatever happened, I just want to say that Charmaine's personal life is her private matter. All these 'reports' of her, have we even seen a picture evidence? Even if I didn't post any, surely a lot of haters will gleefully post 'evidence' out there - that is if they have any in the 1st place.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBe a smart reader. You don't have to believe everything I posted here but don't be so gullible into believing everything you read, especially from tabloids news.

p.s. You probably notice I've added a new notice on my left sidebar. Effective October 2008, articles from my site are not allowed to be reposted in AsianFanatics Forum. If anyone from Charmaine's thread would like to get her updates, you can refer by link. I'm tired of haters taking advantage of my articles to bash Charmaine, therefore please respect my decision.

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