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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dayo Wong staying away from Charmaine Sheh

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[Singtao 15/10/2008]

Note: I only translated Charmaine's part.

Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh appeared at Causeway Bay last night and filmed separately. After Charmaine argued loudly with Benz Hui and angrily left on taxi, Dayo entered the camera and gave advise on handle women with Benz. Though Dayo did not share any scenes with Charmaine, he arrived early. While he was waiting for his turn to film, he read his script or chatted with filming crew. Not only he didn't interact with Charmaine he also stood far away. On the other hand, Charmaine chatted happily with Benz.

Kissing scenes are secret weapons

When asked if Dayo is attracted to Charmaine, he only said that their collaboration is a happy one. Dayo denied that they don't have interaction and indicate it's because they did not share scene together (that night). He also stood up for Charmaine, saying that she is not flirty like the tabloids accused. Dayo said that he is not 'electrified' by Charmaine: "I cannot control rumors, I’m not 'electrified', everyday when we work we joked and it's very happy. I won't avoid anyone just because I'm afraid of rumors, I have the most on-screen time with her in the series." Regarding whether they will have kissing scene, Dayo expressed that he have not seen it in script to date and joked that it might be a secret weapon.

Charmaine wore a sexy red dress last night and covered herself with a shawl before filming. Some drunken drivers passed by and praised her as beautiful, Charmaine gave a smile to acknowledge them.

Image Hosted by She looks great in that red dress, I remember she wore it to HKJure dinner as well. Seems like Charmaine have plenty of wardrobe changes in the series, so far I've never seen her wearing the same clothes twice during filming. On contrary, Dayo worn the same overcoat since day one, like [TCTU].

Here's some pictures taken from various anonymous passerby and extra actors:

There's another one where she wore a red top with miniskirt... but I forgot where I place it. But anyway it's just a far shot of her back.

p.s. Have you visited Charmaine's TVB Blog today?

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