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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Charmaine Sheh leads Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan in Hong Kong version of Ooku

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[Mingpao 16/10/2008]

Charmaine Sheh is securely seated as TVB Dongka Fadan and her rumor with Kevin Cheng has not affected her from being promoted. Early next year, Charmaine will be collaborating with Kevin in grand production costume series [Lau Sam Ho] (tentative title) where she will be portraying the highest ranking head servant (Sheung Gong). Even Susanna, Michelle and Christine Ng's roles are under her command. For survival, the women manipulate each other to fight for power and profit. Yesterday Charmaine lead the others to film sales presentation clip and the atmosphere at the filming site resemble Hong Kong version of Ooku. Charmaine did not avoid indicating her anticipation of working with Kevin (who rarely films costume series) and with Michelle, Susanna and others, it will be a fresh combination.

Executive Mui Siu Ching will be producing [Lau Sam Ho]. The story narrates the struggle between Sheung Gong during Tang Dynasty and focusing on female storyline. Though filming will only start next year, a group of cast including Charmaine, Susanna, Michelle, Christine, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, Fala Chan and others filmed the sales presentation clip yesterday. The storyline is about how Charmaine rises to the highest ranked Sheung Gong from a small palace maid. On the other hand, Tavia portrays a villainess used every possible tactic to gain the emperor's (Moses) affection to become a consort. There will be a lot of struggle between the women. During filming Charmaine, Susanna and Michelle were followed by a group of palace maids to reflect their status. In addition, women fighting one another remind people of Japanese series [Ooku] shadow.

Charmaine smiled and said that her role started from small palace maid to become a Sheung Gong therefore there will be some fight and manipulation involved. "I look forward to this series being filmed, because I never collaborated with Michelle before. In addition it's Susanna first time filming costume series. There's also Kevin who rarely film costume series, therefore it will be a fresh combination." When mentioning Kevin, Charmaine did not show resistance and even smiled when questioned. She revealed that in the sales presentation clip, Kevin is a Royal Guard who pursues Tavia's character. They do not share romantic scene in the clip. When asked if she will accept being paired up with Kevin when the series start filming, Charmaine smiled and said: "I really don't know, I will just follow the arrangement, I'm fine with pairing with anyone." Will she request for it? "I don't have such power."

Tavia indicate that it is a fresh experience to have so many [Moonlight Resonance] casts filming a costume series together. Regarding of her being hot favorite to win [Most Improved Female Artiste Award], Tavia said: "I'll be very happy if I receive this award again, meaning that I keep improving." Apart from Susanna's cameo appearance in [Return of Condor Heroes], this is her official experience filming a costume series. "I feel excited with so many cast from [MR]." As for Michelle, she indicates that her role has to be fierce, in addition of custom wardrobe it feels quite tiring to her, "It's Catherine Tsang who invited me to film series. In the future I will reduce my workload and more prudent when choosing series."

Fala did not mind that her role in the series will be very evil. She is not worried of rumors by filming series with so many female artistes: "I'm more afraid of scenes with men, because rumors will spread." After [PITNOL], Moses once again portrays the emperor. Since the series have a lot of women, will he be worried of rumors? Moses joked: "Don't worry, I'm here. Kevin can take care of Charmaine, leave the rest to me!"

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Image Hosted by It really does remind me of Ooku, especially the pictures of Michelle and Susanna being followed by a group of palace maids. They are not done with filming yet as they will be filming indoor scene today (Kevin).

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