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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Charmaine Sheh did not rule out further development with Kevin Cheng

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[Takungpao 04/10/2008]

Charmaine Sheh accepted an interview from radio station RTHK yesterday. When asked regarding her rumors with Kevin Cheng, she stressed that they are just friends. Asked if they have any opportunities to develop further, Charmaine said that no one knows what will happen in the future and even joked that she might be a nun! Her old flame Benny Chan was brought up and Charmaine pointed out that he is outdated news and do not want to discuss.

Do not mind having children before marriage

Charmaine was asked about her ideal partner. She likes someone who is ambitious, hardworking, family-oriented and faithful. Pointing out about her wish to get married, Charmaine frankly said that she is at suitable age for marriage. When mentioned that Kevin also wish to get married, Charmaine said that he is older than her, it's natural for to him think that way. Charmaine doesn't rule out having children before getting married, though she would not do so in purpose. She don't know if by accident. However, her dream is still getting married first then have a baby. She likes having a baby girl. She indicated that if she have a daughter, she won't let her join showbiz. Will she allow her to join MHK pageant? Charmaine said that she won't object, but she will not build that path for her daughter.

Charmaine revealed her longest relationship since entering showbiz is with a boyfriend outside the entertainment circle. However they broke up because she doesn't have the time to accompany him. Will she accept female pursuers? Charmaine frankly said that she is not against lesbian relationship, but she herself like men because they can protect her.

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Image Hosted by I already posted the interview clip last night, you can check it out in the post below - please do because I find that reporters took her words out of context. Charmaine is so funny in the interview! Lol...

p.s. Charmaine updated her TVB blog again - she posted some cute pictures of her in Easterly.

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