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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Charmaine Sheh being pushed into a wooden box, accidentally hit in chaos

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[Mingpao 26/10/2008]

Charmaine Sheh, Liza Wang, Joe Ma and others attended new series [When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West] at Tuen Mun Town Plaza yesterday. In between there was a game where a group of actress and actors were pushed into a wooden box together. Charmaine was pushed until her expression was contorted and red-faced. In the chaos someone accidentally hit her, causing her wig to slip. Charmaine laughed and said she was afraid of accidentally revealing herself when she crossed into the box but she already made safety precautions therefore she was not afraid of her pictures being taken. However she was pushed out of breath in the box and someone accidentally hit her, everyone was so into the game! Did you feel embarrassed being pushed together against male actors? She said it's just a game, everyone tried their best.

Working with rumored girlfriend Charmaine again, Joe was asked if there are any intimate scenes of them in the series. Joe smiled and said there is none; his relationship with Charmaine's character is more to friends than lovers. Another series [The Gem of Life] is receiving ideal ratings, will they feel pressured? Joe said that he have confidence in [Easterly] and wish success to both series, helping one another.

Additional translation from Takungpao:

Charmaine expressed that she is currently busy preparing dresses for TVB anniversary. The original sponsor for anniversary award trophies have temporarily cancelled their agreement with TVB due to economic problem therefore there was rumors that this year's trophies will not be gold-plated and even changed to another material. In the TVB successfully found another sponsor. Charmaine point out that the significance and commemoration value of the award exceed the trophies physical value, therefore it didn't matter if it was gold-plated or made from plastic.

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Image Hosted by Yay, just one more day till [Easterly] is aired! The official website is already up and running, you can visit it at the link below:

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