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Friday, October 24, 2008

Charmaine implied that Leung Ji San helped her own people

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[Takungpao 24/10/2008]

Charmaine Sheh and Bernice Liu attended the opening of fashion boutique M Missoni as ribbon-cutting guest yesterday. Both of them blew kisses to the Caucasian boss while supermodels Lynn Xiong, Lisa S. and Mandy Lieu performed catwalk. Recently Charmaine was accused being the 3rd party in Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow's relationship, with Niki’s boss Leung Ji San expressing support to Niki in her blog. At this, Charmaine indicate that she does not wish to respond, because the article in the blog did not clearly point out any names. In addition, Leung Ji San is Niki's boss, naturally she will help her own people.

Charmaine stressed: "I definitely will not be a 3rd party, I'm not that stupid, I won't be cheated (into becoming 3rd party). (Are you dating now?) You have any recommendations? (Did Kevin pursue you?) No he didn't. (Will you avoid dating someone from entertainment circle?) Depends on fate, it's not something I can control. I can't help it if I meet someone I really like." Mentioning Bosco Wong hinting that Charmaine belongs to Kevin during yesterday's press conference, she asked what did he say and indicates that she doesn't mind starring in Bosco's new MV.

Bernice looking for new partner

On the other hand, this is Bernice's second time attending event with Charmaine. Asked if her limelight was stolen by Charmaine's rumor, Bernice said that she was not given the cold shoulder and she is just concentrating on her job. Since there was report of her breaking up with Moses Chan, therefore she won't be able to earn extra income as couple team anymore. Bernice indicates that the company arranged the jobs. Given chance, whom would she pick as new team partner? She frankly said that a lot of people have recently returned to TVB such as Gallen Lo and Ray Lui, and she would like to collaborate with Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng too.

Related news of Charmaine, excerpt from Takungpao:

Bosco Wong releasing debut album, choose Charmaine Sheh over Myolie Wu

When asked if he will be worried being compared to Raymond Lam, Bosco admitted that Ray singing is very good, but since he took home Best Newcomer Award last year, Ray should give way to him this year. When asked if he will invite Myolie to star in his debut MV, Bosco loudly expressed that it's boring and nothing new. When he asked the reporters to vote for another person, they still picked Myolie. He laughed and said: "Then I will choose my pet dog and not people. (Dog is better than human?) Choi gor nei (touch wood)." Afterward he asked the reporter to choose someone other than Myolie, and this time they came up with Charmaine Sheh. His reaction is quite huge: "Charmaine is not mine! Don't drag me into this. (Because you are not suppose to touch your best friend's wife?) Well, then I will ask Charmaine to star in my MV to help Kevin dispel the rumors."

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Image Hosted by Barely days ago someone said she doesn't want to discuss the issue further, let bygones be bygones and now some boss and even own sister stirring the muddy water. Kind of sick of people using Charmaine's name to appear in headlines.

Image Hosted by Anyway, Bosco is joking about the MV lead actress. Who knows, maybe he'll really feature his dog hehehe.... but I'd really like to see Charmaine in his MV, since they only collaborated once in LWOLAP and doesn't have much screentime together.

Pictures from the event:

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p.s. Have you visited Charmaine's TVB Blog today?

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