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Friday, September 05, 2008

《当代歌坛》Issue 413: Charmaine the action heroine

Note: The article translation is exclusive to Sehseh's Blog only. Thank you for your co-operation. My apologies if there is any unintentional mistakes.

Mag scan credit to wshxwan from Baidu Forum.

Part 1: Ms Curvy's hula hoop spirit

Persistence is the essence of hula hoop spirit. Making the hula hoop twirl non-stop is one of Charmaine's special technique. Don't compete against her – she will win for sure as she underwent rigorous training since childhood. When Charmaine is small, an Auntie visited her home. The auntie is very pretty and has a curvy body line. Children likes beautiful thing, therefore when Charmaine's mum asked: "Do you like Auntie? Do you want to be as pretty as Auntie in the future?" Charmaine quickly nodded her head and her mum trained her on hula hoop from that point onward. Under her mum's daily 'hypnosis', she kept thinking: The waist is getting smaller, the waist is getting smaller. She practiced twirling hula hoop at least half an hour daily. This exercise requires countless stamina and one will only know when they tried it. It can help you to relieve back strain and refreshes your vitality. Charmaine persisted training for many years and wow, it really resulted in a curvy waist! Ms Curvy could not be realized by dreaming alone, it took Charmaine's unwavering persistence to succeed!

For example, last year Charmaine took a holiday break to visit her mum in Hawaii – everyone was so envious because she gets to enjoy the sunny seaside. However, when she returned she also learned a new skill. In three weeks, she learned over 20 type of dishes; 20 of them! When asked aside from learning how to cook, did she find the time to rest and relax? She indicates that she had tonnes of fun. This holiday is indeed worthwhile – the hula hoop spirit is indeed intimidating!

Part 2: Courage of an action heroine

If you want her to act as a gentle lady, she has no problem with that. If you want her to act as a cop fighting on the street, she has no problem either. Though she doesn’t see herself becoming an action heroine for real, but when she is filming she will not be choosy and film action scenes without delay. The courage to become an actor is by no means meager, nor was it something to be said in words only. Charmaine loves acting, and this mean she loves courage too. During filming [Forensic Heroes 2], her character is someone who will tear off her evening gown and wearing high heels to chase after people. One moment she will be fighting with people on the street, another moment she will go through dangers to rescue others. The company dotes on her and provided a body double for her. However, after the body double completes the wide shot she still need to finish the rest on her own. For someone without basic training in fighting, it might take them half day just to consider jumping down five steps of stair. Charmaine doesn't bring it up until she completes her scene. When the camera is focused on her, she transforms herself into a true action heroine. After filming, she starts to feel a little scared thinking of the previous scenario: Ah, luckily didn't get hurt. But shouldn't she think about it earlier?

True love appearing soon

Since Hong Kong SAR announced tax rebate last year, it allowed Charmaine to earn more income. She is of course happy with this. However, when she visits the old folks, she found out that their retirement allowance (fruit money) is pitifully little. At least she felt dissatisfied with this and said: "Rather give more to the elderly than having tax rebate." Her self sacrificing mindset is indeed of an honest and upright lady.

Charmaine is accustomed sitting like a big sister. Sitting on the sofa, she rests her arm toward the back of the sofa. Afterward she will give you a smile, her gaze reflecting charm and wittiness. She was trained from experience; therefore she could say something like: "Won't simply date". Won't it be dreadful if she met a guy who needs her protection instead? Her attitude is those who can protect many people. If she found a guy she really likes, she will take the initiative. What's to be afraid of? She doesn't understand what is to be afraid of going after the things you like. If you like a flower, a movie, a lamp, a candle – you will want to own them, you will spend money to take bring them back home. This kind of thinking is very normal, what is there to be afraid of? Sometimes you will think for her, is there a guy who will make her chase after him passionately, and where is he now?

Preparing sense of security for herself

Charmaine's goal is very obvious: Earning money. When you are lacking security and love, money is be the best comfort. Apart from feelings, you can buy anything with money to console yourself, such as cars and houses. Charmaine doesn't need to get these from others; she depends on her own hands. Therefore do not be jealous of her big house and car, she earns those from enduring overnight filming and sustaining 'work related' injuries. 10 years, if you use seconds to count the amount of time it will scare anyone. For 10 years, when encountering any hardships and sadness she just withstands them. From this Charmaine also gained more than others. Therefore Linda Chung said that she wishes to become someone like her, having similar success but she is also worried not having the same endurance level Charmaine does.

However, Charmaine never thought of slowing down. She has not given a thought to stopping in the future. Even though in future she might get married, have children or open a kindergarten and have a satisfying condition, she will still strive on. She feels that filming daily, enduring overnight work, rehearsing scripts, and portraying different roles are the things she truly enjoys. Taking two months break annually is already enough for her. For example, she has gone holidaying to Hawaii to visit her mum. Later, she will go to Shanghai for her younger brother's wedding. She only has two months per year, so enjoy it!


The Charmaine Sheh now is just like an action heroine. Behind her sweet smile is a solid fist: the attitude of a real heroine. She can make guys look at her with pure respect. In work, she is the Iron 1st sister whom many of her male colleagues could not catch up to. With the feeling of reluctance and shyness from her newbie days fading from her expression, she subconsciously exuded the aura of authority. Yes, a little bit of it. There is seriousness even in her smile, if you pay attention to her eyes when she smiles. Any fear and uncertainty are kept under control by her unyielding courage. Accordingly, many years back when she was up onstage to receive an award, she was really nervous. This was because she thought that she will be getting an award for another series, therefore she only prepared the thank you speech for it. The few seconds before she went onstage, she couldn't recall of the name of the series producer and co-stars. However, no one saw through her uneasiness. She immediately said: "Thank you to every cast and crew who have contributed to this drama!" Then she looked around, making everyone feel that they are the person she is thanking. This is Charmaine's style.

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