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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Charmaine Sheh: Subsidized electrical bill $1800? Thanks, But no thanks.

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The HK government have just announced their annual budget. However, there are no significance improvement in the elderly benefits and retirement allowance (fruit money). They only suggest giving a small lump sum of HKD3000 to elderly citizens and this have resulted in disappointment among artistes.

[ 28/2/2008]]

"Only a subsidized electrical bill of HKD1800? Thanks, but no thanks! Why not they just give the $1800 to the elderly, so that they can spend on it and enjoy their retired life? We younger ones can still earn a living, though artistes benefits isn't much this year but at least it's something positive. In addition, our annual tax is quite a large amount, if the government can reduce our tax rate that would be great. If not, I'd rather they give more money (from tax collection) to the elderly.

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Costume tryout for new series《东山飘雨西关晴》"The Turbulence of East & West"

Date: 28 February 2008 (Thursday)
Time: Noon 12.30pm
Cast: Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Raymond Wong, Kiki Sheung, Evergreen Mak, Selena Li, Cheung Kwok Keong, Kwok Fung, Ching Ho Wai, Sharon Luk, Edwin Siu, Peter Lai, Lai Suen, Chan On Ying, Wong Ching, Rocky Cheng, Helen Ma, Leo Lee, Catherine Chow etc.
Producer: Kwan Wing Chung

Note that the chinese title of the series have changed to 東山飄雨西關情.

More info on the series here.

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