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Monday, June 30, 2008

Raymond Lam denies dating Charmaine Sheh

Note: This is just another baseless rumour, so please read the article with a pinch of salt. Please do not repost the article at other sites.

[The Sun 30/06/2008]

Raymond Lam and rumored girlfriend Linda Chung attended an event yesterday as a couple's image, but now it seems everything is just a smokescreen! Recently netizens noticed that Raymond and [Rumor Queen] Charmaine Sheh has been wearing matching watched for the past two years. It's obvious that Raymond is pitting against Ron Ng!

Working together in 2006 [The Drive of Life], Raymond and Charmaine portrays as lovers in the series. Recently netizens noticed that they are frequently wearing watches from Panerai range. Though Raymond and Charmaine constantly switch the designs, they still prefer wearing the same range. This has caused the netizens to suspect them to be wearing couple's watches, revealing their underground relationship.

When asked if he is wearing couple's watch with Charmaine, Raymond anxiously protects her: "Please don't accuse Charmaine! I'm the spokesperson for the watch, and it's common for artistes to like the same brand!" Earlier there was rumor between Charmaine and his best friend Ron Ng. With their relationship now 'exposed' by netizens, will the trio go out for meals together? "We didn't ask Charmaine out! Everybody is busy with filming, therefore we didn't run into one another. They are not filming series together either. Actually, I'm the one dating Ron."

TVB have always arranged for Raymond and Linda as onscreen pair, but when reporters requested them to take pictures together, Raymond purposely asked Bernice Liu and Edwin Siu to take picture along. However they chatted non-stop onstage. Regarding Raymond's rumor with Charmaine, does Linda feel relieved? "I will feel happy for him. But this could be a coincidence only. I don't mind into other people's business. I have watches of my own therefore I don't need couple’s watch. (Do you feel relieved?) I’ve never feel burdened from the start." Even though Linda is getting popular from her TV roles, there are not many fans that came to support her at the event. To this Linda becomes a little embarrassed: "Maybe because I'm busy filming [Moonlight Resonance], therefore I seldom meet the fans. They are very shy. (Will you feel unhappy?) It's better for them to concentrate on work and studies rather than coming here."

Charmaine is currently in USA; thus reporters could not contact her.

Image Hosted by The rumors between Ray & Charmaine is not true. (sorry Charray fans!) I can easily spot other artistes (yes, even Ron himself) wearing the same watches/scarves/tote bags Charmaine has. Certain brands are like the 'trendsetters' among the HK celebrities, therefore it's quite common for them to own something similar. Charmaine always have good relationships with her co-stars, so they will just laugh it off in private.

And please, I don't think they need to disturb Charmaine across the continent just to 'clarify' the rumor.

Image Hosted by Anyway, I have posted the Forensic Heroes 2 production specials below, don't forget to check it out!

Added from Selena Li TVB Blog:

"Charmaine Sheh treat other people very nicely, I feel she is an extremely lovable girl."

Updated: Forensic Heroes 2 final week ratings:

Average 34 points, peaking at 37.

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